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Hi I'm new to this forum looking for information

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I go by the name reborn.

A few years ago things were looking grim for me, I was sick and fat and weak.

I learned of vegan life and its benefits.

I became a vegan and in 2 months completely rebuilt my body and stuck with the gym.

I remained vegan for over 2 years

After 2 years I was sick of eating alone so I added plain meat to a vegan based diet in efforts to find people to eat with

After 6-9 months of same problem I returned to vegan diet.

During my time as a vegan I have noticed that my bowel movements were always frequent and my stomach would bloat and I would have flatulence.

This ended my gym workout sessions generally after 90 minutes as I would sorta need to go to the toilet.

90 minutes was long enough.

I then decided to try a high protein and low carb diet consisting of tuna fish, eggs , multivitamins and black coffee and green tea only.

this ripped me up in 2 months and I was working out for up to 4 hrs a day.

Now I am returning to the vegan diet hoping there is a way to stop the bloating or to slow the bowel movements while I work out.

I need to last a good 4 hours everyday in a gym.

I really want to gain mass amounts of muscle and I need the carbs to gain weight and the vegan life to keep me healthy and clean.


So this is why I have joined, in a search for my miracle that will enable me to lift weights as a vegan for the remainder of my life.

I so enjoy and love vegan life overall, it is my favorite of any food diet available.


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Hi, I'm new here as well. I read your post and I just wanted to ask you why do you train so much? I mean 4 hours per gym session are too many. As far as I know, 60-90 minutes maximum for the weight/strength training are optimal and then you usually do your cardio. How many times do you train per week?


As for the bloating part, I wish I could tell you something more to help, but I don't really know something that will help you for sure. Just that maybe there are some certain foods that don't work well with your body and you should find them through trial and error.

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Welcome! No miracles here, but you'll have to do some methodical testing to figure out which food(s) are causing the bloating, since everyone is a little different. Even the most strict eaters will still need a couple years of systematic testing to figure it out. My wife (also vegan) can eat things that I avoid, and vise versa.


As a side note, I can't understand the need to train 4 hours/day everyday. You're well past the point of diminishing returns...or your intensity needs a serious kick!

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