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Vegan Newbie Here


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Hi there,


My name is Kona. I live in Portland, Oregon. I have intermittently begun eating vegan or the last couple of weeks and feel ready to make a longer term commitment to it. I have been reluctant thus far in my life to be vegan. Historically I have been a really hard gainer in terms of muscle mass and have feared that without eating meat, gaining muscle would be even more difficult. I have no aspirations to be a bodybuilder, but would love to "thicken up" a bit. I have switched my workouts up a bit over the last one to two months, logging and monitoring more workouts and making sure I increase my volume weekly in one form or another (increased set, weights, reps, etc..). In addition, I have begun doing more compound lifts like squats and deadlifts. All and all, I feel like I'm seeing some results.


Anyways, I'm looking forward to being a part of the forum. I welcome any lifting or dietary advice anyone is open to offer, particularly around any necessary supplementation (protein, vitamins) I may need with this new lifestyle

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