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1st time cutter - Daily food photos + weekly progress pics + thoughts and feels

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Hello! Super excited to start my first online journal for diet and exercise. Hoping to create some accountability and get some tips along the way as I'm a total newbie to the whole cutting/bulking party!


My situation:

Over the past 10 months or so I've been lifting and doing HIIT sessions around 5 x a week, just playing around with different things in the gym and seeing what I enjoy. I've not been tracking cals/macros up until this point and have been simply doing my best to eat mostly whole foods and give myself enough fuel without over-eating. So my shape and weight have been changing thanks to the hard work in the gym, but quite slowly due to not being very organized with my diet. Up until now my canteen have been providing a vegan (Thai) lunch for me so that was one reason why it seemed like it would be difficult to track. Anyway, now I'm working from home so I have 100% control. btw I've been doing 16/8 IF for the last few months and love it.


I'm 5"4, 30 years old (today, haha), female and weigh 51.5kg (113lbs)

My goal is to look more shredded by losing some more body fat... but hang on the baby muscles I've been growing.


My Plan:

I calculated my TDEE and including the 20 mins cardio/HIIT I do every morning and it comes out at (a conservative) 1500. I will cut this by 20% to lose 1lb(0.5kg) a week so that's 1200 cal - I'm hoping this should allow me to lose at a consistent pace and keep my muscle.



*Meal 1 (12pm) 35g rolled oats + 10g Chia soaked in 150ml almond milk + 100g blueberries and 100g strawberries + a scoop of Sunwarrior vanilla protein. Total: 402

*Snack (2pm) 1 Apple with 10g pumpkin seeds. Total: 116

*Meal 2 (5pm) 25g rolled oats +100ml almond milk + 1 banana + 1 scoop Sunwarrior chocolate protein powder + 1tsp coconut oil. Total: 359

*Meal 3 (7pm) 40g (dry weight) lentils, 150g broccoli, 85g greens, 85g mixed veg, 50g mushrooms. (non starchy veg can vary). Total: 300 cal

Desert (9pm) herbal tea with 0 cal sweetener.


Total for day:1,189 (I'm sure I'll get a few extra will milk for teas ect)

Fat:17% (23g) Carbs:61% (189g) Protein:22% (68g)



20 mins treadmill (6am) sprints and incline walking

30 mins compound exercises with weights (circuits) around 5pm

Weekends I'll do some heavier weights for glutes/legs/arms/shoulders


Other notes:

Allow for 1-2 rest days during the week.

Sleep: I always get minimum 8 hours sleep. Early nights!

Water: Drink 2-3 liters a day but the more the better.

"Cheats": Allowed 1 off-plan meal a week

"Free food!": I can eat any raw, non starchy veg such as cucumber, carrot, green peppers without counting the cals when I need something just to 'mindlessly munch on'.

Accountability: Post here everyday, photograph all meals for YouFood. Weigh in once a week (Saturday). Take weekly progress photos.

Thanks for reading!! I really really really appreciate any advice and or encouragement. <3

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Food + Training today:

7am: 10 mins HIIT sprints + 10 mins incline walking

11am: Rice, shiitake mushrooms, marrow, sweet spicy sauce

2:55: Apple

4pm: 1 small papaya (photo is only of 1st half)

5:30pm: Coconut water + 3 baby cucumbers

8:30pm: 3 oatmeal pancakes with nicecream, strawberry sauce and chocolate fudge made from protein powder, cocoa powder, coconut cream and brown sugar

Total for day: Roughly 1500



Happy Birthday to me!! Decided to have a pancake dinner (instead of cake) to celebrate entering into the 30th decade of my life. Didn't really log cals for it in the end. Birthday is only once a year, so

Definitely this week's 'cheat meal' but sooooo goooood <3


Progress made in the last year. Slow but steady! 6kg/13lbs down and muscle gained.

rsz_17121602_949979078470488_1055964607_o.thumb.jpg.15c71184805336885961a2788070b53a.jpgFood/training today:

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