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gender: female


body type: obese

goals: lose weight, maintain muscle mass, heal from back injury, eat mindfully

obstacles: food addiction, psoriatic arthritis, low back pain, various and sundry fears


I injured my back during a max deadlift last October. I continued lifting as I was able and by February, when my back was no better, I took a complete rest from lifting and re-evaluated my needs and desires.


One month of complete rest and still no better, I finally (!) went to the doctor, got x-rays, and will begin Physical Therapy starting this Thursday.


While resting, I started reading more and one of the books I read was Buddhism Without Beliefs. I realized that how I eat is not how I want to eat. I am learning what I want to eat, and it no longer includes meat or dairy. I procure my eggs from a local woman who dotes on her chickens, and I eat honey. So, not vegan. I am trying to follow my own conscience.


I wanted to start this journal to track what I am eating, and log exercise routines to see what works. I also wanted one place to jot down my thoughts about various plant based food items, especially protein powders, so that I can look back and compare cost, to grams of protein, to taste.


Most importantly, I want to read others' journeys and be inspired by your mindful eating and hopefully gain tips as well as cheer you on.


As mentioned, I will start PT this Thursday and I decided to forego lifting until then. I hope that this PT is sports minded and will help me get back to lifting rather than discourage me from free weights, which are my big love. I started weight training in 2012, at age 42, after having my second kiddo and realizing how weak I had become. I went from severe DOMS after ten body weight squats that year to a max squat of 265 lbs just prior to my injury. Feeling strong is so empowering. I hope to continue that, injury-free.

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