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good tasting protein powder


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Hi guys and gals,


New vegan here, and struggling to find a protein powder that tastes good mixed simply in almond or coconut milk. I have some Raw Meal and another vegan powder at home, but they are un-drinkable unless combined with frozen fruit, powdered PB, coconut milk, and all mixed up with a blender.


Taking suggestions...



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I haven't yet found any protein powder that tastes good on its own. I started muscle building when I wasn't a vegan, so I have tried non-vegan protein powders too and they're not very good either. The one thing Ive found that I don't have a problem with is amino acid supplements. I got the capsules from https://www.vitaminexpress.org/uk/amino-acids-supplements, and I havent gotten protein powders since. These are capsules that dont taste like much so I dont have any issues with how they taste. Plus they're vegan too, so I think that they'd be a good fit for you. 

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