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Newly vegan bodybuilder

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Hi guys, I'm Frankie, and I'm a 21 year old newly vegan; aspiring bodybuilder.


I've been touch and go with being vegan for the last couple of months, finally making the decision and transition yesterday!!

The biggest thing that held me back from taking the plunge sooner was the taboo around being a vegan bodybuilder. For a long time I convinced myself and was convinced by others that animal protein was necessary to build large amounts of muscle. I then realised that I actually wasn't eating much meat by any standards anyway and had already made the change to being completely dairy free 2 months ago. SO, with vegan protein purchased and all left over meat in the house thrown away, it's time to prove that it can be done!


I've been lifting weights now for 6months and have gained 14kg of lean muscle mass since November. So sitting at 5 foot 9 and 69kg at the moment, I'm keen to see how my body is going to adapt and respond to my lifestyle changes.


I have noticed that there'd actually very little fitness/training routines and/recipes/nutrition plans etc. being discussed here and if there would be interest among you guys, I would be keen to document my training, diet and body changes etc. I'm hoping in the next few months to start up a blog so would be good to see if any of you would be interested in reading all of my wittering!!



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