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how to help with bloating?

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I am afraid, all the Tofu, Saitan and Beans cause my stomach to bloat to an extend that is really painful. Has anyone experiences with that? I would like to get rid of that


I have been eating high protein foods for two or three months now. Before that, I was fine (but I mostly ate carbohydrates). I don't know how to eat enough protein without Tofu, Saitan and Beans... Any ideas? =)

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Nut butters, seeds, hemp/rice/pea (if peas don't bother your stomach) protein powders and bars are great for hitting protein requirements.


You could also just got back to a high carb diet if you were fine before. We don't need to overload on protein as much as bro-science says we do.


I eat spanish rice and beans pretty heavily, and have noticed when I switched to pigeon peas instead of red beans/pinto beans, my stomach didn't feel bad. So you're definitely not the only one with soy/legume digestive issues.

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Well... although I've been working out for 8 months now (4x a week, upper-lower body split, progressive overload) I don't see the biggest results. I eat very healthy, so that can't be the issue. Protein-intake is the only thing I could change to hopefully gain more muscles.


I tried five or six different protein powders. So far I couldn't find one, that I like. They all taste horrible to me. I always make a smoothie out of it with lots of fruits, but I can still taste the powder, and I really hate it.


Another problem is: If I eat, lets say, 30 g of protein in one meal, I am not going to eat for the rest of the day. I don't know why, but protein takes all my appetite away (which can be a good thing, just not if you are trying to build muscle). But I am going to try pigeon peas and see how that works =)

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