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Vegetarian Diet - Bulking

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Hello everyone,


I moved to the UK from Italy (half american/half italian) with my girlfriend and turned vegetarian ( I never really enjoyed meat to begin with).

I started going to the gym again 3 months ago and found somehow my own way to satisfy my needs in regards to gaining muscle. My aim is to follow a nice clean mass diet (as clean as possible) without leaving any nutrients behind. My job is pretty demanding and Im given different shifts every week (usually either from 9.30 till 17:00 or from 11.30 to 20.30).

On my early shifts I usually go straight to the gym so I start at about 17:30. On my evening shifts I go straight afterwards as well. (I work in a sicilian cafe' that sells coffee and pizza slices)


My typical day: (note that I used to follow a very strict diet that included meat so I found myself very confused as it's a new world now)


7:30 am = Whey protein concentrate shake (30g) in soya/almond milk

10:00 am = When possible Fage greek yogurt 0% fat

Lunch break (between 12:00 and 14:00) = White pizza slice with red peppers, a few black olives, artichokes and sometime provola cheese on top (I know, I should not eat pizza, I would have never done so before but unfortunately it is very difficult to cook stuff home to bring to work)

Post-workout= Whey protein concentrate shake (30g) in soya/almond milk

Dinner= Mixed veggie stir-fry - vegetarian burgers - all sorts of legumes including hummus to boost up calories - salads

Pre-sleep= Whey protein concentrate shake (30g)



Now my problem is, all I used to know about diet just got thrown out the window because my diet includes too many fats (especially the stir-fry) and it just doesn't feel right.

Although I have significant results in mass gain (even bigger than I used to be before turning vegetarian) I want to clean the diet up and have alternatives (not the food itself but the way it's cooked - see tofu, stir-fry etc.


Thank you in advance, hope you can help me out!



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