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My lifting run and diet plan.


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Hey, just joined the forum after going full vegan for a while now.

I love running and weight training. I have pinpointed my goals for 2018. I am getting a lot of conflicting advice on macros and training to obtain these goals.

This is my plan according to what I have read over the last weeks. Would like to hear your feedback and thoughts on it:


My training goals:

1. Do a cutting phase now, then bulk after summer.

2. build more mass, get leaner.

3. Learn pull ups and muscle ups.

4. Maintain running form, oxygen uptake and treshold pace.



Male 33 years.

181 cm - 76 kg

Work out 5-6 hours weekly: 2-4 runs and 2-3 weight sessions. Alternate days for weight/running. Rest 2 days pr week.

Calculated BMR 1731, TDEE 2312, guesstimate 14-17% fat.

Current o2 is 52ml/kg/min, my threshold pace is around 4.22 min/km.



- I eat vegan and do intermittent fasting, with a 8 hour eating window.

- For my cut I aim for 2000kcals a day, and power up each weekend and add 150-300g carbs to keep metabolism going.

- Aiming for 1.6-1.7g protein a day - 120-130g protein.

- Supplements: I use pea and rice protein, bcaa, omega3 and veg1.



Did years of 8-12 rep full body workouts twice a week for maintaining. I am now trying to do this split with 5-8 reps per exercise, and try do a total of three sessions a week:


Day 1: Chest: Dips, bench, cable flies, pullovers, Tricep: Ez bar curls, cable press down. Finish with core.

Day 2: Back: Assisted pullups, rows, reverse flies. Bicep: barbell curls, isolated curls. Shoulder: Dumbell press, lateral raise, front raise. Finish with core.

+ Adding squats and deadlifts to chest day once a week.



- interval session. Vary from intervals from 1-3km, total is 9-14k.

- slow session from 50-90 minutes.

- 10k terrain run. Some weeks i do it slow, and some weeks i make it a tempo run.

- sometimes I add a 5km slow recovery run.



1. How does this set up look? Am I on the right track for reaching my goals or should I change it a lot?

2. What macros should I aim for? Got adviced to eat 40,40,20 for my cut. That would amount to around 180g protein =2.3g/kg with seems rediculusly high?

3. For building mass and strength, is my weight program ok or should I do something different?

4. Would also love to hear your experience with combining running with weight training and periodic fasting!

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Week 1 update.


So its a week into my cut. Did a weigh in at the gym today and have dropped from 76-75.4 over the last week of consuming 1900-2000 kcals. I see a bit more definition in the ab section and on my tighs as well. So cut is going alright I guess.


Running economy and power in hills have actually increased a bit.


Problem 1:

Generally I am feeling strong when I lift. Except for pull ups. Still can't do even one pull up. Weird considering I have pretty developed lats. I do fairly good on the Concept 2 rower (2000m in around 7 min without going all out) and used to do that as a warm up twice a week. Maybe thats the source of my problem? Did 14 reps of pull ups back in the days, weighing the same. But just can't manage to do one anymore. So far I am focusing on negative rep pullups. and manage to do 4-5 for each set, do about five sets of that.


Problem 2, macros:

Adjusted my macros a bit and now aim for 37p:41c:22f split. Generally struggle to get past 165g protein without going over on the other two macros. My total kcals is no problem. But even after adding 120g powder every day, and eating 300g tempeh/tofu, and using beans, lentils, quinoa, oatmeal and california rice as main carb sources I get to high on carbs and fat. The fat thing is annoying because it forces me to cut down on the good Omega3 sources like flax, and eat almost no avocado with I love in dressings. I try to stay around 200g of carbs.


Also if I have an intense day, Cronometer tells me to get more calories in. That adds more to the reccomended protein intake. Today it says I need 195g protein again and I begin to hate having shakes with every meal. Is it really neccessery to get beyond 165 g protein for my weight? Dont belive in the 80:20:20 for cuts, while I think it might be cool beans for a cyclist or runner, my main focus these days is maintaining muscle.


Did 2 fasted hard runs, three fasted weight sessions, and a lot of commuting on cycle and walking this week. Loving the intermittent fasting protocol!


Tomorrow is carb feed up/splurge day and I might eat out as well and go dancing and have a beer.

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