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Vegan Since Feb 2017

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I started eating vegan for lent due to watching the documentary COWSPIRACY. Its been a goal of mine to be vegetarian in the past but I never ate much dairy to begin with and now have an understanding that the dairy industry is pretty brutal. I started out eating whatever I wanted for the most part as long as it was vegan, also doing a lot of raw foods. At this point I have come full circle and am not trying low carb vegan. My husband and I eat the same diet and are looking for new friends and connections to maintain this clean lifestyle (non of our friends family or even acquaintances eat this way. Look forward to hearing everyones journey. Calm & Clear Love & Light

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Just want to add that I am 32 female married 2 cats work as a full time dental hygienist and would seriously love some people to talk to who are living this lifestyle. please feel free to respond. I am right outside of philadelphia in Lafayette hill.

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