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I used to post here years and years ago. Probably a completely different crowd now. I thought I would drop in and say "Hello" anyway.


I saw an article about Mindy Collete the other day on Twitter, she is still going strong with her thing. I follow Deborah Nasmyth's page, watching the buildings she literally builds herself.


It has been so long I don't remember other people's names.


I remember a weight lifter and nurse I used to chat here with a lot. A doctor who is into bodybuilding to. Also a crazy raw foodist cycler who lived in the Baltimore area. Of course I remember Richard and SyrLinus. I remember a short woman with long brown hair who unfortunately quit being vegan. She had all sorts of health issues, still a nice person. I remember another guy I met almost a decade ago at a DC Vegfest, he was travelling with his bodybuilding girlfriend. I also remember a tall blond mom with a lot of kids who was a fixture here and an inspiration. She told me about Dale Carnagie's classic book "How To Live Without Fear And Worry" which I am forever grateful for.. I follow another woman Isis' page who I also met here. I don't remember her username here.


Old timer or new timer, I wish you all well.

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