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Lifting Injury need help

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Hi guys,


first of all whats up fellow vegans I just joined this community, so this is my first post. I basically have a Injury that follows me on and off for the last 2 month. Im on a PPL routine now. I lift relatively heavy 6-8 rep range, deadlift 3-5. After a few weeks on the program I felt pain on the outside of my right forearm. I had to take a break other than leg day. I ask a guy who i went to PT school with, who is a physiotherapist, he didn't really have an answer other than, he said maybe its because of my grip. Is anyone here familiar with something like that. Because after 2 weeks of having to take a break, Im back on a break after 1 week of working out and its pretty frustrating. My forearm start swelling up after the workout. Anyone who experienced this please let me know what you did about it...?



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Well, I'm sure you've heard that if it hurts, don't do it. You will likely have to make some modifications to your routine to avoid aggravation to your injury.


I may have a similar situation...January of this year, I injured both forearms from deadlifting (outside of forearm, starting below the elbow and extending to about halfway down the forearm). I use a double overhand (pronated) grip. (perhaps that is relevant) I cannot deadlift, nor can I do dumbell lat raises, or overhand BB rows (underhand is ok) but I have few other limitations in the gym. I've found these wrist supports are VERY helpful...something about the pressure they exert on the wrist just works (not interested in the "support" aspect)




In the meantime, I experience the most discomfort at work and home...approaching 8 months and not seeing any improvement, so a friend suggested I try a healing peptide. I get two injections twice a week in each forearm...not exactly fun, but I'm seeing definite improvement. I you have a doctor that is experience in sports medicine, worth asking him/her. (many professional athletes apparently use them)

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