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Hello everyone! I just had a question and would like to introduce myself! My name is Austin Collins, 23, 3 years vegan. I've been recently interested in vegan bodybuilding. I've recently read the vegan bodybuilding Competitions guide from Derrick Tresize, and I just got the vegan bodybuilding and fitness book by Robert Cheeke and have been very interested in it. I'm wanting tips on and good cardio that involves no weight and is not running. I'm currently incarcerated, I'm in a work release program so I can't run and have no weights. I've been doing all calisthenics. I haven't had a chance to post any pictures here, but I've got many on my Instagram, @Austinc7g in case anyone was curious. If anyone could recommend any good ideas, they would be greatly appreciated! and in case anyone asks, yes they serve me vegan food in the jail I'm incarcerated in!

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