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I workout at my apartment buildings gym using dumbbells and Hoist V1-Select Gym, don't have the extra seated leg press unit shown in some images on their website but wish it did. I combine the machine with my dumbbell workout with an adjustable Hoist bench. The push press bar can be set back for pulling when you turn and face the seat back, which can be adjust forward or back so to brace against when pulling.












My basic routine is


On the machine leg extensions and standing leg curl then dumbbell suitcase squats.


Bench dumbbell pull-overs then one leg calves with dumbbell against that thigh, freehand used for balance.


Dumbbell bench-press, Machine pulley pull-downs front and back.


Machine seated mid-row, using the grips that go down not the across.


Then usually on the bench with back rest high, but not dead vertical, one setting back, Ill do dumbbell curls and dumbbell shoulder press.


Finnish with 30 sit-ups, strict, bent knees feet flat.


I'll use the machine for other exercise (see PDF) and other dumbbell exercise now and then, sometimes some body weight and Dynamic Tension.

Most main exercises are 2 or 3 sets, I like to work hard with little rest time, get it done in 45 to 60 mins. Very regular with 3 days a week.


Bench I use - 


The up-right position in the photo is what I use, It'll go one more for dead vertical.

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I also do much Yang and Wu style Tai Chi but more like Kung Fu rather than the old ladies style, this includes sword and saber weapon forms done with mirror version, a right hand set then switch to left, exercises joint mobility. I have done a fair amount of Yoga so like to keep good flexibility.

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