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Vegan Bodybuilder with stoma bag. How to get enough protein without soy.

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Hey all, new to this forum and could really do with some help.


To cut a very long story short I'm 27 years old, I was a fitness model and competed in my early 20's, a couple of years ago after a battle with crohns disease, my large intestine perforated and was removed leaving me with a stoma bag.


I have managed to gain all my weight back through diet and training, currently 210b 12% body fat.


A month ago I decided to go vegan, something I have wanted to do for sometime for both health but more so for animal rights.


Now at first I thought I had it all figured out, but after reading these forums i realised I was consuming a lot more soy than some recommended. I was eating a pack of tofu a day, and also 2 meat replacemeant soy meals and a soy yogurt.


I just want to know what the deal is with soy and how much is too much? like it soy mince as bad as tofu? is 1 block of tofu (300g) a day too much? what alternatives are there?


Iv just written a diet to fit my macros, any advice would be appreciated



Meal 1:

50g oats

15g flax seed

10g chia seed

Vegan blend shake-30g

Peanut butter powder 5g

Maca Powder-10g

Vitamin B 12



Meal 2:

2 Slices DR Zaks Protein Bread

100g Tofu

100-200g Green veg


Meal 3:

30g Vegan Blend shake

25g Protein Peanut Butter

2-4 oat cakes


Meal 4:

100g Red Lentils

100g Black Beans

100g Quorn Chicken

100-200g Green Veg


Meal 5:

30g Vegan Blend shake

30g Cashews


Meal 6:

100g Red Lentils

100g Black Beans

100g Quorn Chicken

100-200g Green Veg


Macros come out at around


2400kcal 240g protein 200g carbs 70g fat


Im also going to get some black bean spaghetti which would make another good high protein meal.


Thanks in advance.



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The problem with soy is that [most] sources aren't a complete protein. I tried an all soy protein diet a few years back...it didn't work out so well. The more I trained, I kept losing weight, I got weaker, and my connective tissues became more sore and delicate, which is the TOTAL opposite of my goals. So, I categorically put all soy down as garbage protein with respect to building muscle.


I still permit one serving of soy protein per day, usually lunch or dinner...just to keep things interesting. Just don't expect to build muscle on it. There are many vegan protein supplements on the market that have a full amino acid profile. Try different types and see how they digest for you...some will be better than others.


Aside from that, 2400 kcal/day is very low at 210 lbs, 12% BF and if you're training to gain. (I presume you are since this is a bodybuilding forum). At only 2400 kcal, you will probably lose weight quickly at first, then it will stabilize as your metabolism throttles back to match your intake. I'd expect it to be tough to build muscle or to lose fat in the long run on that plan.


I presume you train fasted before Meal 1...it looks like a descent post-workout meal. Make sure you're getting quality fats in EVERY meal, and don't neglect saturated fats. Check into adding MCT oil.

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