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The start of my bodybuilding journey

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Hello everyone!


First of all thanks for taking the time to read this post, it might be a bit boring to some as this is just a basic introduction.


So, My Name's Brad, I'm 24 and have been vegan for over 3 years now. I've always had a slim build, weighing around 56 kilos since my teens, at the moment I'm weighing between 58/59 Kilos (I'm 174 cm tall) I've put on weight since losing quite a bit last year.Long story short, My girlfriend at the time fell ill whilst we were on holiday, and our 3 day trip turned into 21 days, she had to stay in hospital and I was staying at her mums with our now 2 year old daughter, without eating properly or at all. I fell down to around 53/54 Kilos...


So Now I've decided to bulk up, gain weight and muscle mass! I'm planning on reaching 70kgs by the start of july, using websites like "Eat this much" to help plan my meals and nutriant intake. As for powders/supplements, etc. I'll be using this site http://www.veggie-style.com/ONLINE-SHOP/index.php?aff_id=33


I'd appreciate if anyone would like to "review" their products for me, there's also a 10% discount code "plantpowered" which helps me after the holidays


As for muscle building, I'll be doing full body bodyweight work outs at home to begin with.


That's pretty much it, I appreciate any sort of feedback as this is something I really want to get focused on this year!

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