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Body weight workouts and bulking

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So, I've just started bulking and body building in general, I weigh 57/58 kilos and I'm 174cm tall. I know I'm under weight but I do have muscle.


My plan is to reach 70 kilos by the start of july, consuming around 2900 calories with the help of the website "Eat this much" which calculates what I need and plans daily meals. I'll also be using products from this site http://www.veggie-style.com/ONLINE-SHOP/index.php?aff_id=33 (It has a 10% discount code "plantpowered")


Also before I join a gym or anything similar, I'll be doing bodyweight workouts at home.


Any tips or techniques I should try or know? is my goal realistic? or does anyone have expirience bulking from a slim build? thanks in advance

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If you're eating more calories than you burn, you'll gain weight. Assuming you're eating a reasonable amount of protein, and are providing stimulus (i.e. working out), you'll gain muscle. No need to make it much more complicated than that when starting out.


Bodyweight workouts can be incredibly difficult, especially if you have access to a pull-up bar and/or rings.


I wouldn't worry about a target weight, just focus on slowly increasing your weight and making sure you're moving in the right direction.

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Sorry but this is a falacy. In theory yes you will gain weight if you eat more than you burn. Unfortunately it does not take into consideration NEET (google it), or the fact that your body naturally increases metabolism when eating more in an effort to maintain homeostasis. The rest will pass through and you basically just poop out what the body can't or wont use. While Catman is correct that you need to provide the proper stimulus, eating more will only help you gain weight if you do indeed provide said stimulus. But it has to be real good stimulus in my experience. I ate about 6,000+ calories a day for a long time and never gained weight even though I did pullups all the time. Its all about applying progressive overload and increasing work capacity to be honest. Nothing else matters. It doesn't matter how much you eat, none of it will stick. The exercise is responsible for over 90% of your success in gaining weight.


Take it from someone who has done bodyweight for over 3 years on anywhere from 3000-8000 calories per day on various types of food. It's all about doing the right exercises, drop sets, supersets, increasing volume and using the right technique. For years I let my back take all the tension in pullups and my arms stayed skinny because I didn't use proper load sharing.


This is merely my experience I believe to be true as a bodyweight practitioner. Of course if you just focus on adding weight like in the gym to your pushups, pullups, dips and squats then this whole process is 1000x easier but I am stubborn and refuse to add external weight and instead just use unilaterals and change my technique to make exercises harder. It's not the only way to do it but like I said I am stubborn.

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I'm 5' 8" and use to weigh 127lbs back when I was 20, at that time (1973) I did go vegan for a short time and my weight dropped to 115lbs.


Around 1984 I started doing some weights with a home gym and went from 130 to 140lbs in a month, I think my appetite just increased. I stuck with it and eventually joined a gym, my weight did go up to 150lbs and that's where it stayed, sometimes getting it up to 154 but it wouldn't hold.


2003 I wasn't vegan at the time but would drink a litre of whole milk everyday, a cup between meals and with meals, and something magic happened, I quickly went to 160 and in just under 4 months was 174lbs. Maybe you can use chocolate soy beverage and healthy fats if your vegan.


My workout


Squats 1 x 20 reps


Dumbbell Pullovers 1 x 20 reps (Immediately after squats)


Barbell or Dumbbell Bench Presses 3 x 6 to 8 reps


Chins 2 x as many reps as possible


Bent Over Barbell Rows 2 x 8 to 10 reps


Seated or Standing Dumbbell Press 2 x 8 to 10 reps


Barbell or Dumbbell Curls 2 x 6 to 8 reps


Standing Calf Raises 2 x 15 to 20 reps


Sit-ups 1 x 25 to 30 reps


Each time I worked out I'd add 2.5 to 5lbs to my lifts (no matter what), my strength went way up but found I could only do this twice in 3 weeks. Don't be shy to go to a gym, a community center may have 10 visit option fairly cheap.

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