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New vegan, need help with protein and caloric goals

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Hey ya'll


I'm currently in the process of starting back to weight lifting, and will be starting 5/3/1, 3 days a week. I'm also in the process of shifting to a vegan diet. Currently, I'm weighing in at about 215lbs (5ft 7 in) with about 45% BF. Clearly, I have my work cut out for me, and clearly my primary goal is fat loss. Second to that, I'm aiming to be lean and strong. In other words, not concerned with mass/hypertrophy.


I have lost weight and been lean before as an omnivore so I'm not totally ignorant to how weight loss works. Where I'm having an issue is figuring out how to hit my protein goals without going over calorically. Online calculators tell me I should be eating about 1350 calories a day and I was thinking of going 30c/30f/40p on the macros. This comes out to ~135grams of protein a day. How can I hit that without massively blowing my calories out of the water and still eating vegan? it seems impossible.


Any and all advice welcome, thanks!!!

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Hey BIGsalad9,


did you check grains and legumes? The Foundation Diet and Health Switzerland has a great collection of groceries with a lot of information for each cooked or raw and charts with nutritional information, fatty acids, makro and microminerals. Maybe that could help

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