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New to veganism, muscle spasms, need help please

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So i have been wanting to transition to a plant based or vegan diet for ethical reasons for about a year now. This is the second time I am really trying hard to eliminate meat. Every time I have tried this, the fith day, I get bad muscle spasms all day non stop.


I have been tracking my macros and weight for years. I've noticed my fibre and carbs go way up on plant based, and fats are lowered.


Macros are something like 525 carbs 160 protein 125 fats


When I go back to my normal diet, the spasms have stopped


This is very frustrating


I am heavily active and people don't believe me, but my job is very very active and I lift weights on top of that. So I have to eat 4000 calories just to maintain weight and energy levels



I have gone to my doctor already and she gave me blood work. Supposedly it was all positive but they wouldn't let me look at the numbers myself


Does anyone have experience with this or solutions I have No were else to go for help.

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When I 1st tried to go totally vegan I was working in a auto parts shipping warehouse lifting heavy stuff most of the time, everything would start to hurt, it pained to lift something lighter, went back to meat and returned to normal, so thought maybe genetically I'm not meant to be vegan.


Last year I did a 30 day vegan challenge and all seemed well, this time I'm a labourer for a building company. But after 6 months I started to get weakness and some pain but kept on the path. I'm back to lifting strong again and think the body has to adjust to a new diet of no meat.


I've been doing hot yoga for almost 2 months, 6 days a week and when we have to hold a plank past a minute my elbows start to shake and then my arms, same with downward dog. My arms are long and thin, also I'm 65. When I do a tree pose my feet would go crazy with tendons moving all over the place but stuck with it and kept practicing and have improved.


When I did eat meat I also eat things like salad for lunch with chicken or something but now replaced with mixed beans and other stuff vegan.


Have you done 30 days ? go a year it may take time.

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