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Lol I dreamed that I met an alien


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I dreamed that an alien landed on my balcony and I talked to him.

He was so nice and friendly and I’m still upset that he left :/

He said that he’s starting to get back pain because he doesn’t used to the gravity here on earth.

I asked him if he has feelings and he said that he hasn’t, even thought he apperead super friendly and intelligent.

He said that he is an super advanced AI, and that another aliens with feelings has depeloped him 7 billion lights years away from earth, but they can’t travel so far on space, so they’ve sent him to collect some data about the universe.

He said that he’s scheduled to get back in his planet in a few million years.

He also said that he can time travel..

I thought that he was going to stay a bit more but he seemed to be suffering from the atmosphere and gravity so I let him left

What do you think about aliens?

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I fell in love with an alien being

Whose skin was jelly – whose teeth were green

She had the big bug eyes and the death-ray glare

Feet like water wings – purple hair

I was over the moon – I asked her back to my place

Then I married the monster – from outer space


The days were numbered – the nights were spent

In a rent free furnished oxygen tent

When a cyborg chef served up moon beams

Done super rapid on a laser beam

I needed nutrition to keep up the pace

When I married the monster from outer space


We walked out – tentacle in hand

You could sense that the earthlings would not understand

They’d go.. nudge nudge …when we got off the bus

Saying it’s extra-terrestial – not like us

And it’s bad enough with another race

But fuck me… a monster …from outer space


In a cybernetic fit of rage

She pissed off to another age

She lives in 1999

With her new boyfriend – a blob of slime

Each time I see her translucent face

I remember the monster from outer space


John Cooper Clarke

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