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From weak meat eater to Vegan Power Strongman

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Hi guys,


I'm a vegan strongman who trains also for aesthetics. I incorporate bodybuilding in my training.

About me-


I've always played heaps of sport and grown up always eating a lot. I've always been lean and always tried to eat for health. I started going to the gym during my first uni days and lifting with no real idea of what I was doing. I kept eating meat and animal products until one day I found out my brother was vegetarian... I couldn't believe it, why? The more I thought about it and researched the more I realised veganism was the only logical way to live in the modern era! At this time I was starting to get my first 1 arm push ups etc. I trained body weight and gymnastics for strength whilst playing sports and not training legs for this reason. Over the years I decided to start training legs and quit my other sports and last year I began Strongman. My YouTube channel aims to inspire, entertain and educate others on Veganism, Strength and physical culture.


My best 'lifts' include: Pulling a 14 ton truck 205kg Deadlift 82.5kg OHP 80kg Husafel stone carry for 50+m 225kg Yoke carry 75kg Farmers walk (each hand) 25kg weighted pullups and many more


I weigh 76kg and I'm 6'2ish. My body fat percentage was last measured at about 6% if I remember correctly.

You can see my truck pull here:


I went vegan for the animals, the environment and my health.


Peace x Happy lifting. VEGAN POWER!

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