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Full Body vs Split Routine

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Hi there!


I want to start working out again, because I've gotten really out of shape over the past years. Years before I did a split bodyweight routine like push, pull, core, legs. I have a busy schedule so I'm thinking of doing full body workouts, because I'm unsure I could get 4 days of workout every week. MY question is. If I can get 4 days every day in theory, would a 4 day full body workout give me the same results as a 4 day split? For example. When I did a 4 day split mentioned above, I did 4 excercises for each group. So doing 4 excercises for each group splitting it to four days would be the same as doing 1 excercise for each group (push, pull, core, legs) every day? Of course not the same excercises every day just like in the 4 day split. Because I would be hitting the muscles just as much as in the split, just the recovery time would be different. So what is you opinion on this?


Thanks All!

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Coz I worked construction I'd do a full body routine twice a week, then retired and found every day split much better. Leg day, arm day, shoulders day and a chest and back day. My gym is the apartment buildings Fitness Center so popping down there every morning is great. I can get much more intensity to each body part that way.


My workouts can be done in 1/2 an hour instead of the 45 to 60min full body.

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