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Hi all, going on 4 weeks plant strong

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Hello everyone! My name is Scott and I wanted to post an intro here, where I am on my plant strong journey and getting into the best shape of my life.


For the past 4 weeks I have been watching a lot of Vegan BB meal planing videos and putting them to good use. I am going on my 5th week on a 100% plant strong lifestyle and have been inspired by many of the channels on YT. No meat, dairy, egg, added sugar and as little added oil as possible.


What I am doing: I am 47 years old, 215-220, am lifting 3 days a week (Combined muscle groups) and doing cardio for 5 days (3 days are after I lift). My primary goal is loss of fat rather than size though I wont complain if I see muscle gains which I am seeing. My calorie goal (based on an active lifestyle, a goal of 200 lbs at 2lbs a week) according to my fitness pal is 2090 a day plus what ever cardio i do which seemingly adds 400-600. I noticed my protein and carb goals go up as well when I log cardio. I run about a 300-600 calorie deficit a day especially if I do cardio. I honestly don't think I can eat anymore on some days though should I be increasing my calories? Again my goal is fat loss and then I might focus on bulk. I am just not interested in bulking up for a few months and then cutting. I am seeing great results, the scale not so much because I am also putting on muscle though my clothes are starting to fall off, I am tightening my belt looking better in the mirror (Wife is noticing ) and overall I feel fantastic.




I can post this in a more appropriate forum though the header for intro' seemed so inviting I thought I would start here. Thanks everyone!

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Hey everyone, I am going on week 8 and have made some great gains. I am lifting more weight, with more intensity than ever before and it is paying off.


I have been very confused with my calorie count that have decided on much less cardio, keeping myself in a 300-400 calorie deficit of what is my maintenance when I was 227 and eating what I want. I have cut back to a goal of 1lb of fat loss a week rather than 2 though as a newbie and I know I am also putting on lean muscle mass

(my wife rubbed my back over the weekend and said, omg, so much muscle, so little fat!) However I am eating about 150 KG of protein as well.


It is all experimental right now. so much info our there it is confusing though I am still making gains.!

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