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Just getting started

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Hi all,

Been vegan for nearly a year & have dropped about 25 lbs but am ready to start getting toned & want to develop definition by the start of the fall.

I bought Robert Cheeke's book (& love it so far) but I'm trying to figure out how to get started with:

A- my caloric intake before even doing a single exercise as well as for my first week or 2 and...

B- what my training program should be. I want definition, not mass building. I also have access to a small gym at my office with some basic equipment.

My height us 5ft7. I weigh 178 lbs. I'm 39 yrs old & sit most if the day for work. Any suggestions? Thanks!


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Use an app to track macros and calories. 20f, 60c,20p is a good starting point. Due higher repetition sets 12-15. I’m guessing 2,500 calories is a reasonable target for your size and age. Add calories when you lift, reduce when not.

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Indeed, to hit the goal toy should combine a right diet plan with a set of full-body exercises. You said that your diet is ok, so, the question is in finding your best set of exercises. Lookup here: and choose the app you like the best. You can do your exercises whenever you want.

If you have an access to a gym, thus it is perfect for you to start building your body shape!

Keep on and good luck

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