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Recommend a juicer?

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Recommend a juicer?


* I want a juicer, not a blender

* Something EASY to CLEAN

* Something that does green leafy vegetables well

* Something durable.


Anything else I should know?


Any big differences between centrifuge juicers and presses?


Will a presser juicer let me make juice I don't have to drink right away?

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Use a slow rotation juicer. Not these high speed rotating ones.


I have a Green Star Elite Tribest juicer (https://amzn.to/2yJE9aL) for 10+ years and it still runs smoothly and juices even salad.

Though it has a drawback: it's one of the more expensive ones. But if you have the money think about it this way: how much does ist cost you per year if it (only) lasts 10 years?


In any instance go with a slow rotation juicer like the Green Star.


Good luck!



Did you read the books by Dr. Norman Walker on this topic?

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How easy to clean is the Green Star Elite Tribest?


Is it a centrifuge juicer?


Dr. Walker died a long time ago. I think juicer technology might have come a long way since then, that is why I ask.


I read his books a life time ago. I don't think what he wrote had science behind it. I have other reason for wanting to drink vegetable juices.


No disrespect intended.


Thanks for the recommendation. I will check out the reviews for the Tribest juicer.

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It is quite easy to clean. You have 7 parts to clean. Most of them you just put under water and rub them a little bit, done. Only the strainer may need a little more effort to clean. Everything is done in less than a minute.


No it is not a centrifugal juicer. Something I would absolutely keep my hands off unless I would have no other choice.


Maybe there was no was no medical evidence for Dr. Walkers suggestion then; but by now lots of his ideas have been confirmed - as far as I can remember his book. For me it is a lifetime too since I read the book.


And btw, why should it be disrepectful to question something??


Good look!

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On 6/25/2018 at 8:25 PM, beforewisdom said:

* Something that does green leafy vegetables well

I've been using a Breville for many many years and juice vegetables but then use that juice in a blender then add leafy greens as well as seeds and nut butters. I put the pulp in a netbag used for shopping fruits and such and squeeze it hard, a nut bag is too weak, a bag that you use instead of plastic bags, the holes let some fine pulp through.

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