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A vegan wolf...


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Hey I am the worse at this things, but I am hoping to make some friends here (post pandemic social isolation effects)

I have been vegan for 10 plus years with the occasional cheating when not being able to find food (I can order pizza without toppings but not bread without milk) and suffering after each time lol I am vegan on diet mostly, so not sure, hope not to get kicked... But how you handle the clothing and honey areas? I have issues with maple syrup and sugar, so been stalking the monk fruit and dates, but mostly dates, still most cookies without sugar usually have honey...

Well, I am an artist in case anyone has any artistic question and I am here hoping to learn a lot and improve my health and looks :3 Please tell me any secret that I am missing, when I discovered peanut butter was literally a revelation to me lol

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There's all kinds of topping for a vegan pizza even vegan cheese. I make my own pizza using nann bread as a base then load it with cooked peppers, mushrooms, onions, vegan cheeze and protein.

Have you tried unsweetened and unflavoured oat mi*k, or dark chocolate soy mi*k?


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