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How would you feel if a cow ate you?

Caught you and boppd you,

And chopped you in two,

Fried you or broiled you or put you in a stew

With carrots, potatoes and an onion or two?


So sometimes at dinner when you're starting to chew,

Put down your steak and ponder this through,

How would you feel if a cow ate you?


BY Pete Traynor



On the eve of the onset of my carnivorious parents (nag, nag, nag-lets hope I don't get sick or it be "see I told you you SHOULD eat meat its bad for you to eat the way you do, and exercise, blah, blah, blah). I've posted huge amounts of literature around my shop-can't wait to see my husbands reaction as everyone around here hunts...and I'm sick and tired of hearing them go on and on about animal activists/environmentalists!!!!! I'd like to see them trip over their tongues for a change, but politeness makes me just walk away from their discussions with my husband.


So I'm off to the school with a load of literature and videos (school references-hence the poem-sent to me from Animals Australia re:animals and making humane choices). lets hope I get someone there to accept the reference material. I've already told the school I'm a vegan and would be happy to come into the class and discuss my lifestyle choice, what I eat and why. But no takers as yet...

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Taking your post at face value that depends if:


1) I knew I was going to be killed whilst alive, which is bad enough in itself.

2) If I also knew that I was also going to be ate, which would make the waiting for my slaughter even worse.

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