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I posted this on the main website a while back and I'm starting to get some applicants since it is contest season. Our list of sponsored athletes will grow very soon. We're still a very small company and website but we're trying help other vegan athletes if we can. Here is what we are offering:



Get Sponsored by Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness


Would you like to join the Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness Team?


Would you like to get sponsored for representing Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness (www.veganbodybuilding.com) at your sporting events or contests?


Would you like free Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness clothing and your contest entry fee paid for?


Would you like to receive discounts on products from affiliated companies?



If you answered yes to any of the questions, and are planning on competing in a sporting event, please e-mail [email protected] with the heading, Sponsored Athlete.



Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness is looking for competitive vegan athletes to who are interested in being sponsored.


We will supply athletes with Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness clothing, paid entry fees for contests, and possibly additional resources such as free supplements. Individual sponsorships may vary.


All we ask is that you represent Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness in a positive way.


To qualify you must be vegan and must be a competitive athlete or interested in competing. You do not have to be a bodybuilder. All athletes and teams from runners to swimmers, to golfers, or whatever the sport is, are all encouraged to apply.


Send a bio of yourself, with your sports background and history along with photos and some general information about your contests, including, frequency, estimated entry costs, and additional information to assist us in our selection process.


Current sponsored athletes include:


Alexander Dargatz – Vegan Bodybuilder

Kristopher Flannery – Vegan Bodybuilder

Robert Cheeke – Vegan Bodybuilder

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Yeah, this has been one of my ideas for the past 4 years and we finally started it about a year ago. I kept it pretty quiet because our resources were low and our funds even lower.


We got Topher on board and he even lived with me for a while (that is not part of the sponsorship by the way), and then we got Alex (Daywalker) on board last fall.


We're looking to add more individuals to the competitive team of the athletes representing the vegan lifestyle.


Go curling!

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this is a great idea. it would be also great if you (since you have more status than the average athlete) to maybe help others get sponsored by other companies. i'm hoping to get sponsored by cliff bar someday since i got addicted to their buiilder bars.

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I've also thought about getting sponsored by Clif. My friend Barry Wicks who is a mountain biker from my town is sponsored by them. My friend Brendan Brazier is sponsored by about 7 companies I think. I'm sponsored by 3 companies, but looking to add to the list.


We're just trying to do our part to help out some of our fellow competitive vegan athletes.

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Hey Rob,


out of curiosity (because I am nowhere NEAR in a position to compete)

are there age classes at the natural bodybuilding competitions?

where could I find more info?


maybe IF there are age classes

and IF I can whip myself into shape

and IF I can finally put on some muscle mass ...I could think about this

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Check those out. Those are NATURAL Federations.


They should give you the info you need.



P.S. Athletes can be from ANY sport, even just a 5K run you are doing. It doesn't have to be bodybuilding. Our name happens to be Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness but "bodybuilding" doesn't have to mean competitive, it can apply to any strength training.


So we'll even sponsor someone who swims or any other sport.

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Yeah, I know I said you have to be "competitive" and I know I used the word "apply" but those are just words to make us sound awesome to the typical website visitor Just kidding, those are the orginal plans, basically we want to get athletes competing, to get out there on stage or on the court or on the field, etc. to represent the vegan athlete lifestyle.


Of course, we'll make exceptions, and we will sponsor some non-competitive athletes too.


Tonya Kay, for example, is sponsored by tons of companies. She's not a competitive athlete, but a professional dancer touring and performing around the world. (She's also in my movie and totally rocks).


So we would like to get people out there in sports competition but others are welcome too.


So e-mail all the info to [email protected] and we'll go from there.




Let's build that list. I just added two more athletes today. One from Oregon, and one from Maryland.


Keep on rockin!

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We just sponsored 3 new athletes


2 are forum members and one is not, but he's a vegan athlete.


You will see their profiles on the main site soon, as well as in a section here on the forum.


I've been working on this for a few years now and we're finally getting the resources to be able to implement our sponsorship program. Yay for resources

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Thanks Aaron,


I have hats, visors, all kinds of stuff. Sorry it's not on the website for purchase. I mostly sell it as I travel around and work at expos, or set up a booth somewhere, and I give items like that away to sponsored athletes, etc.


I will eventually get the things like the Vegan Fitness Team aprons and t-shirts, hats, etc. on the products page. I'm just not good and getting that done in a timely fashion.


We could always use a Vegan Dodgeball player

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