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My last day at work


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Thanks Topher,


I appreciate it man. Yeah, I'd love to travel to those areas to help out. That's the thing, these guys are from Canada and don't know all the Vegan Hot Spots in the US other than L.A., Seattle, San Fran and Portland. So I'll try to make some stops in those places if I get the time.


It would be cool to hang out again.


Yeah, I know things didn't work out as planned. I was always at work, and out of money and under all kinds of stress and not sleeping much and all that stuff during your stint here in Oregon, so I wasn't around much to actually hang out.


Things will hopefully go well with this new job, but you never know. I could be back on here in 4 months saying "last day at work" all over again. You never know, but you know how tough the security thing was on my mind and body so it will be an improvement in that sense for sure.


Thanks again bro. All the best with everything you are working on as well!



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We need some Vega down here in Santa Cruz. We have at least a dozen unique health food stores and local natural foods chains and *no one* down here has heard of Vega. I've been asking it repeatedly to get it on their radar, but still no dice. Any thoughts on how they might get interested in it, Robert?

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I'll pass on the word about Santa Cruz, thanks Matt.


So this was kinda weird. I just finished work and was escorted off site, as is in standard operating procedure and then I got in my car and turned on the radio. I listen to country music most of the time and a song came on called "Goodbye says it all" with the chorus "goodbye..........goodbye........goodbye...." so that was kinda fitting.


Nothing against my old job, I enjoyed it very much for the most part, just a fitting song for my last few moments on site as I drove off.


Now time to go meet up with my family for vegan dinner

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(sorry, couldn't resist putting in those last two!)


That has to be the COOLEST job EVER!!! I'm SO excited for u (and a bit jealous, lol). I can't wait to hear how it goes! Vega is AWESOME.... my Whole Foods just started to carry the protein powder (however, they used to carry the chocolate which ROCKED, but now they only carry the regular flavor and that one is nasty... we need bars and chocolate!!! lol).


So, again, CONGRATS! You'll do awesome at this new job.. you were made for it!



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Honest to god, F***ing great. .


PS: Can you lobby for more restaurants to carry "HEALTHY" Veg food.


Since you said you would be travelling a lot doing this.. you will have less access to your kitchen like I do. (I travel too much). and control over diet is difficult.


I have to scrounge to grab a stupid veg pizza, sandwich, sub or pasta. None of these have had a great effect on my mid section.

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That sounds like the perfect job! (The best jobs are those that don't sound like 'work' at all, and allow you to follow your dreams.)


Good luck on the new venture (though you know you did miss out on a chance for a raise, since how could they refuse it to a two-time "employee of the month"? )


Great to hear you'll be even more active spreading the vegan word!

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Can people buy Vega in stores? I have never seen this product before.


www.veganessentials.com carries it (and they have great shipping rates and customer service).


Be sure to try the sample sizes first, and try the vega bars as well. I didn't like Vega when I first tried it (definitely an acquired taste), but if you increase your use slowly, and mix it with other things rather than just plain water, it's more palatable. Some people say they love the taste of it. I'd say it's more "tolerable" to me at this point.

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