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Preventing Arthritis


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This was pointed out to me by my friend at work. She told me to look in our passdown book in the office because the tips for preventing athritis basically said to be vegan.


So I took a look at it. It's cool that it is posted at work, since I'm the only vegan, and maybe others will take notice of these tips, just as my co-worker did.



A healthy diet can help the body in its efforts to heal itself, and in some cases, foods can lesson symptoms. To address problems commonly associated with arthritis, try:


*Decreasing protein to 10% of caloric intake. Replace animal protein as much as possible with plant protein.


*Elminating milk and milk products by substituting other calcium sources


*Eliminating polyunsaturated vegetable oils, margarine, vegetable shortening; all partially hydrogenated oils; and all foods that might contain trans-fatty acids (such as deep-fried foods). Use exra-virgin olive oil as your main fat.


*Increasing intake of omega-3 fatty acids


*Eating foods containing the condiments ginger and turmeric, both of which are natural anti-inflammatories.

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I have arthritis since I was a little girl.My left eye is blind since I am 4 y/o due to the arthritis. I just started this new way of eating and it take's a little time to get ajusted I guess but I will see if it make's a difference ( I'm sure it will) I stopped all my meds in January and I stopped meat in feb, I am now stopping dairy. I hope I will never have to take meds again.

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