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Gold chain advice?

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Kinda ashamed to ask this considering my family works with gold and I should know this, but I’m looking for a male gold link chain, something nice and classy to wear with my suit, nothing gangster and obnoxious.

I’d like something around 18k plated on silver or sterling silver not stainless steel. 20 inch in length preferable, so was wondering what’s the average price I should be looking for? Because I’ve seen a huge range of prices online that don’t make any sense (from $50-200) and I have trust issues.

So I would like to hear it from the experts on recommendations and what I should look for and where.

Thanks in advance guys. Cheers

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I'll be honest with you. For $50-$200 you can hardly buy a good gold chain. Chances are, you just won't find anything good or you'll just be sold a fake. To prevent this from happening, you should spend a little more money on a chain and buy such a product only from trusted sites. As far as I am concerned, such solid gold chains for men on itshot site are the best possible option. First of all, this online store is very reliable, and secondly, only quality jewelry is sold here.

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