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Only $3000 in debt, but I'm unemployed, depressed, and my credit score is plummeting.


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I'm 25, and in the last year my finances turned unfortunate and now I'm in debt for the first time in my life; I never even had student loans. There's 4 accounts I owe on, and because I've been unemployed, I've buried my head in the sand out of fear and now it's snowballing, which is just absurd. Here they are:

Debts 1 and 2: Emergency room visit Dec 2013. Was there for 20-30 min because of a UTI that spread to my kidneys. Peed in a cup, talked to a nurse, a doctor stopped in for two minutes to hand me a prescription for antibiotics. $600 for the doctor, $800 for the ER. Left without knowing my insurance was not yet in effect (started Jan 1), the bills came two months later. I tried paying $20 a month until I lost my job and I haven't paid anything on them in a long time.

Debt 3: Discover card, $1100. I was paying it off responsibly until I lost my income, maxed it out while I rode out the storm, now I'm paying back what I can every month. No interest charges for another few months, at least.

Amazon Card: ~$300. This was naive to sign up for, but at the time it seemed like a good solution to buy staples like dog food, and then I was stupid and put my family's christmas presents on it. They're charging interest, not sure how much.

Right now I'm getting phone calls every day that I don't answer. I'm trying to hang onto to the few hundred I have in savings until I find a job, but I could pay a monthly minimum. I'm just really scared to answer the phone, say the wrong thing, and make it worse. What do I do? How do I handle this? My family is fundamentalist and expected me to have a husband to manage finances, the only thing they taught me is how to balance a checkbook and I'm just lost.

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