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Dating in your 50s

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We’ll just jump right into this:

So my mom (mid 50s) is a widow and has just started dating again. She is as cute and funny as they come, athletic, and I swear looks about 40 on a bad day. Solid 8/10. Fully retired, loves to travel, and has grandkids. She’s like a pixie and a golfer mixed into one.

She recently had a few catfishing scams dating, and luckily caught them immediately, and the one guy she was actually interested in had a crazy ex that stalked her and made her life terrible, spreading rumors about her, etc. To add salt to the wound, her married friends kind of ditched her when her husband died, and that was extremely painful for her. They do things as couples, and she’s no longer welcome (they haven’t said this, they just stopped inviting her).

So my question is - how the hell do you date when you’re 50+? It seems that all the men her age want 30 year olds (so my age), and she’s really not interested in older men after losing my stepdad, who was 70.

I want to help her out, but I don’t know how. I essentially married my college boyfriend in college, and have no dating experience.

Basically, how would you proceed/ if anyone met their partner later in life, how did you do it?

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Hi all! In fact, when you are over 50 years old, it can be too difficult to find a couple at that age, because there are too few single people at that age. However, don't despair, because you can read this article about Dating when you are over 50 in which you can learn how you can start dating online and try to build new happy relationships with the help of dating apps.
I hope my answer helps you!

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First of all, you should be dating on themed platforms. I mean, there are different dating platforms that differ based on your dating goals. You can check out the list of different popular dating platforms here on dating999 and make sure you read the site description in detail. These reviews help you make the right choice.

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I've been without a date for 5 months now. In my last relationship I was dumped because I demanded a lot from my girlfriend. Now I realize my mistakes and work on myself. I go to a psychologist and read different articles like https://www.firstcomicsnews.com/working-wife-or-housewife-what-is-better-for-the-family/. It really helps me to prioritize and understand what kind of girl I want to see in front of me. 

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