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Sugapablo's breakfast shake.


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Modified: (all organic except for rice protein)


1/2 c. whole oat flour: ~180 calories

2 heaping tbsp. rice protein powder: ~116 calories

2 tbsp. flax seed oil: 240 calories

1 tbsp. maple syrup: 200 calories

8 oz. lactose free, lowfat milk (I know, I know!): 100 calories (soy and rice milk are AOK)


Total calories: 836

Protein: ~44g

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8 oz. lactose free, lowfat milk (I know, I know!)....





If you "know", then you probably should have left that part out.


But other than the puss part of your recipe (if you dont know what I mean please visit www.milksucks.com), looks great! Looking forward to trying it sugapablo, and thanks for sharing it with us!

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The only reason I put it there was to show what I was actually drinking in the morning. The recipe is perfectly vegan with the substitutes listed for everyone else.


I used to actually use soy milk in this shake, until I read some scary stuff about soy and figured I should only make it a "sometimes food". (Hey, if Cookie Monster can obstain...)

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P.S. Have you tried almond milk? I find most people prefer almond to rice milk.


No. Sounds yummy, but it's really low in protein (surprisingly), and the milk part (soy milk too) is in for added protein. If I was to forgo milk and soy milk in this recipe, I'd probably just add water and up the rice protein.



P.P.S. Have you checked out all our emoticons yet? This one is my favourite I think:



(Ill take any excuse to post that emoticon!!!!!)


I kinda like this one. (And no, it's not my intentions with you or anything.)

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