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How good is gamification in education?

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Currently, the variety of gaming educational resources allows them to be used, taking into account the age characteristics, interests, level of skills and knowledge of students. Games, as a means of effective interaction between teachers and students, can give us the opportunity to better develop children's communication skills, increase motivation, and give
up-to-date practical knowledge and abandon the outdated testing system. The ultimate success of such technologies will depend on how accurately innovations address the challenges of eliminating the shortcomings of the education system and satisfy the ever-increasing needs of society, as well as working to ensure that the impact of gamification is positive. Game-based techniques can be the very reason students want to learn again. By harnessing the energy, motivation, and potential of gameplay and guiding students toward learning, we can give them vital tools to achieve success in the game.
real life.

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I think the biggest advantage is that gamification creates an environment in which learners feel comfortable and relaxed: whenever they make mistakes, they are instantly corrected and given another chance to start again. By the way I recently found an interesting article on this topic, check it out here. This freedom from failure allows them to gain experience without any fear.

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