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Bigbwii's PB's

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Thanks Will, I really don't think it that impressive because it's all broken down into sets and really it's just about having enough patients. I must admit thoughI was really feeling it by 400


CnB, Thanks, I really don't think I'm qualified to give anyone a training plan because I pretty much just do the stuff I enjoy which are most of the compound stuff and I always like to push myself to do more than I actually think I can, I also think a lot of it comes down to mental approach and physical ability. I think the best thing I can suggest is that you look through my journal I know there are a few plans that I tried out in there. Hope that made sense. I'm gonna find what I'm gonna be doing now and I'll post it to you here, as for diet, I've pretty much gone back to Fruitarianism for the last 4 days.


I'm gonna play around with modifying this routine!


Monday Wednesday Friday:



Push ups, 3 sets, max reps

Chin-ups, 3 sets, max reps

Squats, 3 sets, 3 max reps

Bench Dips, 2 sets, max reps

Calf Raises, 3 sets, max reps

Upside-down Shoulder Press, 3 sets, max reps

Crunches, 5 sets, 25 reps

Pull-ups, 3 sets, max reps?



I'm really looking forward to it!!!


I also have been separating each body part and giving myself an hour to do as much as I can.


hope that helped.

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Maybe your right!


My problem is that I think that everybody can do this and now I'm learning that maybe I have to re-think this assumption.


Do you think doing the reps in an hour stuff has it's merits as a training routine?

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Volume has merits and reps in an hour is a lot of volume. The optimum workout is some combiniation of intensity and volume but exactly what that combination is, varies greatly it seems for each person. I suspect though that people generally overdo the intensity and underdo the volume.


When I could do 360 slams and that sort of thing I thought it was no big deal because everyone else would act like it was no big deal (because they were jealous). I wish I had realized back then how big a deal it was. Now that I can barely touch the rim I realize how big a deal it was.


800 dips in an hour is extremely good. Revel in it.


Have you ever bothered seeing how many you could do in a single set? I've heard of one guy who can do 100 in a set.....

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Honestly I prefer the compound free style (body weight) variety.


I used to do these as a max:


Pull ups (front grip): 12 10 8

Parallel Bars : 10 8 6 (cant remember these as well)


The thing was I had hit a plateau with them.. and could not figure out a way to go beyond. So I thought weight training was the only way to get stronger..


Not to say that I havent enjoyed the preacher curl.. but prefer free body / compound exercises. They feel more COMPLETE.


Then again to change its SIZE / STRENGHT plateau..

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Thanks Guys,


I've tried to shake off the body wieght training bug but I can't I love it now especially since I've been more Fruitarian these days.


I'm currently working on making up a routine or two.


Oh Jay I think my one set max for dips is 43.

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Crash and Big I'm with you guys. I get a big rush off of doing bodyweight stuff, pullups, one arm pushups, one leg squats, etc.


Also agree with Jay that combining intensity and volume is best


I mean you see powerlifters who can lift huge amounts of weight, but then can't even do a set of 10 pullups. And then there are martial artists who can make handstand pushups look easy, but then struggle with a barbell. It's rare when someone has both types of strength, and I think having both types is the ideal to work for

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Don't worry man I'm a beginner at this too.... it's just a bit of fun.


I'm not gonna do too good on some of the exercises I'm sure!


He he guys.. Im looking at trying to hit double digits.. you guys are beyond double and tryying to hit triple digits.

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Ok you squares!!!!


I was gonna take the day off because I went on a long hike today but I decided I was gonna do something and seeing as though my legs were toasted I thought I would try my hand at these one handed push ups....


I did 700 in total.


It was a good achievement considering I'm pretty new to that exercise.

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