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Body wieght Competitions

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I've been doing exclusivly body weight training for a while now and my knowledge of various exercises is pretty limited BUT getting better as I feel my way around...It's been a tough learning curve because I've pretty much been doing this by myself from the get go until now....I started out with a Body weight routine I found from a body building site...the routine really appealed to my nature and I've stuck to it ever sinse....I'm really happy with the results...I love the thought of building up my reps as this has given me results I've never got before....I'm currently looking to build my own routine from scratch so I can have something to go to every other month....just to change things up a bit....I love to just get out there and push myself...I think that's why I love Body weight stuff so much....


You can check out my journal for my workouts and as for diet I think most of you know that I'm a Fruitarian.


I looked into bodyweight stuff because I felt too dependant on equipment and regular weights weren't feeling natural to me I also wasn't getting the results I felt I should have after doing it for so many years....plus I think the BIGGEST reason was that I simply couldn't justify gym membership fee's!!!!!



See ya soon.. GLAD TO BE BACK!!!!!!!!!














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How hot is it?


(isn't that the set up?)


Seriously, though, how hot is it down there? I think it got to 100' in parts of Mass yesterday, but we're on the coast so I don't think we even got to 90' yesterday, and today's lower 80's and perfect.

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I am getting into shape for Basic Combat Training and recently found this site. I really like this bodyweight high rep stuff. I decided to try sit ups for an hour and post that here.


I got 400 in 40 min. when I developed a rug burn on my bum. I did a few more, but simply couldn't do more. I am sure some might do more, but that is my starting point.



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