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Sugapablo's Post-Workout Shake

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Ok, I've been tinkering with my post-workout shake. Turns up vegan, so I thought I'd share. I'm posting my methodology. If you see anything that could be improved upon, or any serious flaws in logic, speak up. Always looking to improve on this.


Many bodybuilders seem to swear by a whey isolate-water-dextrose mix. But between digestion issues and blood sugar issues, this wasn't an option for me.


Reading a bunch of articles, I found the most common goals you want to achieve post workout are:

1) Replenish liver glycogen

2) Replenish muscle glycogen

3) Supress cotisol

4) Prevent the body from converting muscle tissue into energy

5) Give the immune system a quick pick me up


So protein is a given. I use Rice Proten as it's really easy to digest.


Next is orange juice. Fructose for liver glycogen and vitamin C for the immune system.


Then whole oat flour. In this form, blended with OJ, it's quickly digested and helps quickly spike blood glucose levels, replenish muscle glycogen, and supress cortisol. (Oats are generally considered low on the glycemic index (flawed or not), but ground up and blended with OJ, it raises its GI value significantly.)


The trick is, getting the right ratio of carbs. Twice as many carbs from the oat flour as you are getting from the juice was recommended to me.


OJ: 3.25g carbs/fl.oz.

Oat Flour: 6.75g carbs/fl.oz.

(So you need twice as many fluid ounces of OJ as you do Oat Flour.)


Target total carbs: .5g per pound of body weight

Target total protein: .25g per pound of body weight


So for me, being a measly 140lbs, that's ~3 heaping tbsp of Nutribiotic's Rice Protein for the protein (12g/tbsp.), 12 oz. of OJ, and 3/4 c. of oat flour.


Or, for the correct proportion of the carbs:

3.25(2x) + 6.75(x) = .5(bw) - (bw = bodyweight, x = fl.oz.)


And since I take L-Glutamine in pill form (veggie caps), I pop some of those with the shake. But the powdered form can be thrown into the blender as well.


Tastes pretty darn good too!

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