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Check out Tonya Kay

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. . .and the whole friggin Vegan Fitness Team!


Her journaling is EXCEPTIONAL! She writes like my daughter speaks. If I had to recount one of their stories, I'd mess it up. But whenever I hear my daughter chattin' it up about some recent happening or read one of Tonya's entries, I'm thoroughly moved and feel rather awed!


Tonya's contribution to the (FABULOUS) Vegan Fitness DVD totally convinced me to reconsider going raw again. I'm at about 75% now and feel positively transformed.


Rob, I thank you. You've turned me on to so many good things and great people.



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Thanks so much, you always write really nice things. I appreciate it and I will pass some of those words on to Tonya Kay as well. She is excellent! I'll be in L.A. in 2 weeks so I might see her. I'm not sure if she'll be in town then, but I'll let you know if I bump into her.


For those who don't know who shes is, check out www.tonyakay.com she pretty much rules


Thanks again for your sweet comments about all of us in the movie.



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