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Only VEGA store in Houston says they dont carry the product

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Below is a listing of shops in your province/state carrying Vega:


Store Address City Phone

Barlaren Bay 9402 Canus Drive, Austin 5126569679


Harper Chiropractic & Associates # 287 - 4544 Post Oak Place Drive, Houston 7136223456


I called them up and the lady said she knows that her boss is vegan but they dont carry any vegan food products or a brand named VEGA.


Can Rob or Brendan please check this and let us know?


Is this guy buying at wholesale / retailer prices for HIMSELF? and not even keeping a stock for others?


Brendan.. how much would someone have to buy for those wholesale/retailer prices?


Do let us know.

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I'll look into it.


I'm working on getting VEGA available in Oregon. It is still VERY new to the US. We're in 1,200 stores in Canada and just launched in the US in March, so it's only in a few pockets such as the Midwest (Illinois and Michigan), the East Coast, and parts of the West Coast.


There should be an accurate list here:




I do see where it lists that store in Houston, so I'll try to inquire with Vega as to whether it is there yet.


Thanks for checking. Brendan is in Toronto preparing for a 50K race this weekend. We compete on the same day So he won't be around to answer e-mails, but we'll try to find out soon.


All the best,

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