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Robert's Training Journal - A Tale of Yeah's and Buddy's

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Yeah, my trainer is a lot of fun, makes me push myself super hard and helps me prevent injuries and create muscle hypertrophy. It's a good combination and good situation I'm in.


Today I worked out at DV's gym and trained abs and calves. It was just about an hour or so.


Lots of hanging leg raises, heavy cable crunches, crunches and static holds (bridge).


Then a coupe of calf exercises and called it good.


Now I feel like napping. My other two roommates are napping at the moment so maybe that is why I feel like doing the same.


Yeah buddy, good ole leg workout coming up on Tuesday.

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Yeah buddy, good ole leg workout coming up on Tuesday.


Me too =)


4 sets of front squats

4 sets hack squats

4 sets back squats

4 sets deadlift

4-8 sets ham curl

4 sets leg press


Talk about draining training session.

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I took 2 full days off from the gym and spent about 11 hours each night in bed


I'm trying to eat big and rest big right now. After being sick I hammered the gym 8 of 10 days and just wore myself out, so now I'm going down to 3 or 4 days a week to rest up a bit.


Big leg day tomorrow with Ceasar! I bumped it back from Tues to Wed for an extra day of rest.


It should be awesome!


I'm consuming a mound of protein in food form and have a protein drink beside me at the computer and when they are both finished, I'm going to bed.

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I'm working back on Saturday. Are you up for it? Sunday, early afternoon, I can work shoulders. I did some new arm exercises with my trainer today. Can't wait to show them to you - if I remember them.

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I have a meeting on Sunday.....11AM-2PM or something like that.....then I'm free.


Saturday....don't remember what I'm doing.


I take it day by day................just moving mostly this weekend and settling in to my new place.


Check out our new hood sometime.


I'll keep you posted about this weekend.


I'm carbing up right now.....meeting with my trainer in 2 hours....LEGS, hope I don't puke it out!


Time to get the butterflies in the stomach.....LEG day ends me, owns me and breaks me, but that is how I gained weight so quickly and got strong so fast.....put it all in the lower body, legs and ass! (kinda rhymed)

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I used to when I was 21 and would get smashed in the leg press machine.....I still get them many years later now that I'm back in action and pushing myself pretty damn hard again.


Arm wrestling this year.....will be a different story! I'm not 132 pounds fasting vegan bodybuilding guy like I was last year


190 vs. 190 this year.


Bring it!

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I hammered legs today.......I killed them! I was wimpering, crawling, rolling around on the ground in pain, etc. and it was awesome!


I felt like hell 1/4 of the way through the workout...it was just really intense, and then for a good 30 minutes afterwards I couldn't even sit, just too exhausted. My trainer said I really kicked ass today and I know I did. It was one of the most intense ever!



Barbell lunges

Leg Press

Some glute work


Really, really nailed me today; something fierce.


Time to grow baby!

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My ass is soooooooo sore! My quads, glutes and lower back are just totally wrecked and fried from my last workout.


I think after I finish my work today I'll sit in the steamroom, sauna, and hot tub.....if I can get to it.


Well, back to work, cleaning, moving, organizing, and regular work stuff with deadlines.....

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This was exactly a year and two weeks ago. Now I'm 15 pounds heavier!





Latest pics:




Still sore as hell today! I'll swing by the gym later on to get some heat treatments and maybe a bit of core work.

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I hammered out back with DV today and it was good. I deadlifted the most I've deadlifted in years. I'm slowly, and I mean slowly getting back into it, so I'm not doing anything real heavy. I didn't even break 200 lbs But if I keep healthy and ease myself into it again and get more flexibility and a stronger core, etc. I'll be up over 300lbs again soon.


The weight wasn't hard to lift at all, I just had to be careful with my lower back.


I also lifted heavy in free t-bar rows. To me it was heavy. I had 6 25-lb plates and a 10, plus the bar of course, for my final set. I think 6 25-lb plates was my previous best for "free t-bar rows" not leaning on a pad where, I've probably lifted heavier weight.


So today started with some cable rows up to 195lbs, then the t-bar rows up to 160+bar or whatever it came out to be, then wide grip lat pull-downs up to 180lbs, and then deadlifts up to a measly 155lbs being careful, and then narrow-grip pull-ups for static holds.


Good times.

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The weight wasn't hard to lift at all, I just had to be careful with my lower back.

What did you do to your lower back?


T-bar rows will require a lot of lower back strength, if those feel ok maybe your back is better than you think?

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I have a ten year history of lower back injuries, some kept me out of sports for 6 months and had physical therapy, etc.


I've since been crushed under the squat rack, had my back snap doing deadlifts, and have been smashed a couple of times in the leg press machine.


So it has been pretty beat up over the years and very weak and susceptible to injury.


I'm being very careful. I used to deadlift nearly 400 pounds and was well on my way to being over 400 lbs in deads, but something bad happened and I could barely walk for a couple of weeks.


I'm slowly getting back into it and so far, so good. I'm able to do some heavy lifts for other muscle groups, working on flexibility, and working on the alignment of my pelvis to help my lifts and keep me injury free.


It's nice!

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Good luck with the rehab man.


I first came to deadlift after spraining my lower back in high school. I built it up slowly until it was one of my strongest exercises. I really believe it's helped prevent my back being injury prone.


Stick with it

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I'm sorry to hear about your injuries but I'm happy to know you're taking care not to overdo it. I have a history of doing too much. One of my many mantras is "Just because I can, doesn't mean I should." Sometimes, it's just a bad idea depending on how far I've already pushed myself. . .


I've learned to check my ego at the door alongside my fear. That enables me to have an injury free workout without being overly cautious. If I increase my weights and realise I won't complete my set without injury. I have to accept that and finish when my body tells me to...


It's amazing and inspirational to see your transformation! Thanks for sharing so much and for all your support!!

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I feel like I'm getting over some of them, so that is exciting!


Today I trained chest early in the morning and then I was out of town the next 10 hours or so doing work stuff on the road.


The workout had some incline bench, some bench press from the floor, some push-ups as super sets and some cable exercises which were a lot of fun.


I fly out to L.A. in the morning and still have a lot to do.


Better go......

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I trained 3 out of 5 days in L.A. and had some good sessions (Back, Arms, Chest).


Today is off and I should hit it tomorrow in Orlando.


Gotta make it happen.


I have some funny photos from L.A. and I'll get them posted soon. I'm not hiding out anymore. I did that for a while and people kept wanting new photos not old photos when I was at my "peak" so I decided to go out and create a new peak physique for myself....not all because of peer pressure....a lot of had to do with my own visions and goals, but anyway, I decided to make some things happen.


I'll leave the "hiding out" to Daywalker

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