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Robert's Training Journal - A Tale of Yeah's and Buddy's

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hey robert. you look good but only to go at the beach

if you want compete,yo need to gain mass.

do a good clean bulk.. lose your defenition and gain more weight.

like you know its more easy to gain clean muscle with a high %bf.

forget the ABS and eat more! eat quality carbs and do a 2month cicle with 100%mono creatine and Dextrose.


i'm not going tell news to you... 6 to 8 decent meals and 2.5grs for 1kg you have

example: if you have 80kgs = 200grs protein/day and double or more of quality carbs.bf%


go up to 14/16%bf,its hard lose your defenition i know... 6pack rules but.. to gain more easy its better a high BF.


sorry for the bad english





Look Robert this is the first post of this 60+ thread


I competed on Saturday, was told I need to be bigger and thicker, which I know, and got back in the gym on Monday and hit the chest pretty hard.


I'll be eating as much as possible without upsetting my stomach and training very heavy, the Ryan Wilson (VeganEssentials) style that gave me some of my best gains.


Time to get my SWOL on. I no longer want to be stuck in the 170s and lean. I need to reveal the Big Big Fat Him that I know is possible to be unleashed soon.


But you said that you will be about the same weight as previously and what did the judges tell you, what do you think they will tell you now? The thread is called Bulking Up Program yet you have not bulked up at all (except for some glory days that you lost) in almost two years. I hate to be this harsch but I think you need to evaluate what you are doing right now and restructure your plans. I'm pretty sure many others agree but no one wants to say it because it's not funny to tell someone. Whatever you do I wish you good luck with it.


There could be something to this but it all depends on what the judges are looking for in the comps you enter. The nice thing about being an older woman is that size isn't nearly as important as compared to male competitors of any age - size can be ridiculously important in some comps. You may remember that my trainer judges for the NPC (only 2 shows/year currently but he used to do about 10/year). He's hurting like everyone else in this economy, so not willing to give anything up for free, but he might be willing to take a look at the mandatory poses for you and Giacomo and give you some constructive criticism/advice. No promises but I could ask him as a favor to me.

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Thanks DV,


I will work on specific poses soon and I'll check in with you later on to see how I'm progressing. I'm always open to ways to imrpove. I even watch IFBB Pros who have been competing for many years who still don't pose well and continously make mistakes.


Even though I have had the same approximate bodyweight for each competition my body looks quite a bit different from contest to contest. I've placed 1st, 2nd and so on, and it depends on what I look like show to show and what the competition is like.


I greatly look forward to competing again. It has been almost two years since my last time on stage!


I've been reminded that I haven't changed the name of this training journal in probably over a year, perhaps much longer, though my objectives have changed many times...so I'll rename it since I'm in contest prep mode, at the moment.



I had a nice chest workout today.


I haven't missed a scheduled workout as far as I know since I made the recent commitment to compete again. I've also taken Vega every single day, have taken some other supps every single day, be it BCAAs, Creatine, Glutamine, Nitric Oxide, tribulus, ZMA, etc.


It feels good again to be focused on training even though my persona and business lives are busier than ever.


Today I trained chest and was frustrated when I asked someone to spot who didn't do a good job and I tweaked my back a bit...though it feels fine now.


I did 100 push-ups, 5 sets of incline chest press, 3 sets of incline dumbbell flys, 3 sets of dips and a cable machine. I'm keeping the volume lower than normal and the weights pretty heavy using a lot of dumbbells and free weights. I pressed 90's today and used 70's for flys, last week was 80's for flys, but that is how it goes.


I had two monster burritos, some Vega, some Naked Juice, a Pro Bar, and some fruit after the workout. Post Workout alone I took in 3000 calories, so it was a good day. I'm still eating a lot and actually have put on 5 pounds since I got serious again....I should get in the 190's again by March and then strip out the water and some fat come contest time in late April and still hang onto some of the size I can put on in the next 1/3 year.


Bed time.

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Thanks.....I don't see it though as people getting me down.


I see myself as one of the leaders of this movement and that comes with a lot of expectations and obligations and there is a lot of weight on my shoulders to represent the vegan movement well, especially vegan bodybuilding since I am one of the few who competes, so people want what is best.


I have had success and I have had failures and the more I fail the more I eventually succeed and that has been true with everything I've done from this website to my company to my DVD to my competitions, and outside of Vegan Bodybuilding.


I know it must be incredibly frustrating to watch one of the leaders of this movement not making a lot of progress with his body when he has stated that he has resolved to improve. What shouldn't be overlooked is all the positive work that has gone on over the years even if the physique didn't change much.


I'm excited about competing and it's fun to be in this frame of mind again. I look forward to it very much and it should be a very positive experience.


The feedback is always appreciated. I can't always incorporate all of it because I keep busy 1440 minutes throughout the day doing things that are in some cases more meaningful and worthwhile, but I am determined to make a difference and have fun doing so.

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Trained shoulders today. Still haven't missed a scheduled workout in a while. I'm meeting with my trainer Cesar tomorrow to pound out legs. Last time I was sick for 2 hours, hopefully I'll be able to walk out on my own tomorrow.


Today I kept volume low again.


I did 100 push-ups, 100+ sit-ups then:


5 sets of lateral raises


5 sets of dumbbell press, up to 75's in each hand. Last time I had 80's but had a spotter. No spotter and failed twice on 75's but 70's were almost 10 reps...just couldn't get the 75's going without a bump to get that first rep up...so actually I peaked at 70's though I attempted those 75's twice and it just wasn't happening.


Then I did 5 sets of barbell shrugs and then 3 final sets of an overhead press machine just for a burn out.


I came home and Tasha had made some potatoes for me, which was cool and I had like 5 potatoes with an avocado, Vega, creatine, etc.


Legs tomorrow.

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I'll share that with him.


I trained with Cesar today and hammered my legs. I was crying by the end of the workout, I threw up on the gym floor and then threw up massive amounts at the entrance to the locker room.


Then, I was OK, though my legs were really wobbly for a while, even 20 minutes after the workout ended I was still walking funny.


Now I'm cool. Had a protein drink, eating food now, showering in a moment and getting back to work.


Solid leg workout. My final set of lunges was 5 minutes long....something I had no intention of doing but refused to give up until I collapsed and that is when I vomited on the floor.


Good times today.


Still haven't missed a scheduled workout in a while

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Yesterday was a rest day by design and today I trained arms and a tiny bit of abs.


It was primarily full of bicep curls, hammer curls, hammer strength curls and then some triceps exercises. My wrist bothers me a bit training triceps at the moment so I took it pretty easy there. Still lifted heavy, in fact, heavier than usual, but only certain movements were performed.


I'm up 7 pounds from Jan 1st....but I've been on creatine daily for 2 weeks so that has something to with it I'm sure.


No vomiting today, but training back with Cesar tomorrow morning so it should be yeah.....buddy!


Making some yams right now, just had Vega and creatine and will get some more food in me before bed...up early and back at it, then shipping some items out tomorrow, running errands and doing Vega work.


Great day today. I also enjoyed one of my last junk food breakfasts this morning with Jessifly. We had pancakes. Now...no more of that....cardio will kick in soon and diet is a-changing


Back to food prep.......



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Yeah we are so proud of you. You should of seen him all healed over in the garbage can.

It was awesome !

He's been eating tons of potatoes, yams, pasta, Vega, fruits, vegetables, and salads.


Johan, Robert bowls his yams and eats them plain.


But this is how Potter makes them for him






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awwww, good times back then.


Yeah, some hardcore workouts recently....vomited back to back leg workouts.


Today was back with Cesar and tomorrow is chest.


Today was pull-ups, straight leg dead lifts, bent-over rows, one-arm dumbbell rows and cable rows...some extensions as well for warm-up and I did one extra exercise for fun at the end. I'm keeping volume low these days...this was a little more volume than usual, but it worked out well.


Chest tomorrow.....


Yams.....I mostly just boil them and then eat them, as potter suggested in the video.


I'm not great in the kitchen...in fact, I make basic things but right now, I'm eating basic foods.


I already put on 7 pounds since I got home (from traveling) and have been on Vega and creatine every single day, and have not missed a scheduled workout.


Time to eat now actually...I'm quite hungry.


Gotta go.


Rice and avocado and some Vega I think is on the menu now.....

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I never really taken it consistently ever before in my life. I've used it here and there but never for more than a week or two...I'm on about 2 weeks now, up about 7 pounds.


My plan is to take it until late March, then cut it out a month before the contest...I think I can even get away it it until only a couple of weeks before the contest. I'll check in with other bodybuilders, but I'm not too worried. I can drop water pretty quickly but still hang onto size gained over 1/3 of the year. (contest prep period).


So I'll be alright, I'm sure.


Gotta get going now...chest workout. I got a lot of sleep last night for the first time in a week, and I'll start taking naps and getting more sleep as I will have a greater need for recovering. I'm beat up today from yesterday's workout. Cesar punishes me and I take it a step further.


Today is chest baby....gotta get pressin!

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Trained Chest today...YB....


Warmed up, then went to


incline dumbbell press:


52.5's x 15

65's x 10

80's x 6

90's x 5


decline bench press


135 x 14

185 x 7

155 x 12

165 x 12


Incline dumbbell flys


60's x 8

45's x 12

25's x 20


Smith machine flat bench with pause


50 x 15

100 x 7

90 x 12

90 x 12


Pec Deck


90 x 15

110 x 12

140 x 10




Had a big burrito and then Tasha made me potatoes with avocado, so I'm eating that now


Vega will follow.

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Thanks man.


When I'm off, and not consistent...nobody is worse. I lose weight, look skinny, lose motivation, etc. When I'm on and when I'm focused....not too many are better.....I work hard to get the job done. It often doesn't last because of my lifestyle and travel, and other priorities and interests, etc. but when it comes to contest time and I'm serious, good things will happen.


Haven't missed a scheduled workout since I totally dedicated myself to this and I'm training 5 days a week, whether I log it or not. Supplementing every single day, making food, others are making some for me, staying motivated, etc.


So far so good. I think I'll even go to sleep early tonight Training tomorrow and then Tue and Wed with Cesar, legs and Chest. I will only have 4.5 days rest for chest but it will be OK. I'm also getting massages and will work with a chiropractor as well.


Staying on top of things...up 7 pounds or so and staying swol. This is the only time of the year that I'm home for any consistent length of time, so it's now, or not at all as far as me competing. It's go time!

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I forgot to add.................


When I was training today a big guy came up to me and said, "Robert.....I placed 2nd to you in a competition a few years ago........"


It was a guy named Brian, I met at a competition in Portland in 2005 and hadn't see or heard from since. It was awesome to see him and he's looking Swol! He doesn't have any plans to compete again but he trains at my gym so I told him to get in touch and it looks like we'll do some training together.


He's the biggest guy in the the photo here:



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Hey Robert,


Nice to see some numbers in your log Good stuff, especially on those inclines.


My plan is to take it until late March, then cut it out a month before the contest...I think I can even get away it it until only a couple of weeks before the contest. I'll check in with other bodybuilders, but I'm not too worried. I can drop water pretty quickly but still hang onto size gained over 1/3 of the year. (contest prep period).


I know it's a bit different, but for my last powerlifting meet, I was advised to drop creatine about one week out. I'd been taking creatine for several months, but after just being off it for 5 or 6 days I was able to cut ~9 lbs in water the last 24 hrs before weigh-ins. So a couple weeks beforehand should be plenty.

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This is very helpful, thanks!


I haven't used creatine much at all ever, so it's new to me to figure out how to play around with it.


I'll try to post more numbers from my training.


My sessions have a variety of themes to them so sometimes numbers don't mean much.....like if I'm doing sets of 20-something reps for a specific reason, the weight will look pretty wimpy compared to me pressing 105's in each hand for a handful of reps, etc.


So I don't always post numbers. Some days I'm using over 900 pounds on the leg press....other days maybe 300 because of the type of training I'm doing.


But these days, I'm really enjoying the heavy free weights, especially dumbbells doing heavy chest and shoulder presses, curls, etc.


Thanks for the tips on creatine.

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