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Robert's Training Journal - A Tale of Yeah's and Buddy's

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Today I was bodyboarding in Oahu until my stomach started to hurt from ramming the body board into my midsection. So I had a burning or rash sensation and stopped but did sets of push-ups in the sand.


So I had a good upper body workout today in the water fighting waves, riding waves and splashing around and doing push-ups in the sand.


Tomorrow I'm off to the gym for a weight session. Then back to the water for more. I'll do some cardio running in the sand as well.


I'll be getting a bit of a tan so we'll likely get some photos taken soon, just about 13 weeks out!


I'm sticking to my diet fairly well. I even had yams and broccoli and a smoothie for dinner. I have had a few "junk food" items but nothing too bad...I'm talking about breads, not candy. I want to stay away from breads in general but did have some today. I've also had Vega everyday, veggies, tons of local fresh fruit, smoothies, tofu and lots of salads.


So I'm keeping it real, Hawaii style.

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Today I was bodyboarding in Oahu until my stomach started to hurt from ramming the body board into my midsection. So I had a burning or rash sensation and stopped but did sets of push-ups in the sand.



I'm sorry if you hurt yourself

but you're killing me lol

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Hey Robert! Sounds like you're having heaps of fun! Too bad about the sore stomach though. Have you heard any Aussies use the word 'heaps' before? Haha all the Americans I spoke to didn't know what I was talking about, but it's just the same as saying 'lots'. Anyway..


I'm home now and have been enjoying the beach. I went for a swim yesterday and loved it. It's definitely a great upper body workout just fighting the waves.


Thanks again for the Vega samples and the DVD. I'm going to ask some local veggie cafes if I can stick some of your Vegan Bodybuilding flyers up. It would be nice to get some more Aussies involved. I really don't know any Australian vegans who are into bodybuilding/fitness apart from the few on this site, but I'm sure there has to be more out there!



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Thanks Sam!


Glad you got the stuff and thanks for helping promote our site and community. I really appreciate it. There are heaps of great people here on this site who offer to do nice things like that and you are certainly one of them.


I do hear people from Australia using "heaps" all the time, but others too, from New Zealand and even some of my European friends.


I am enjoying my time.....I enjoy it when I'm working 15 hours a day or when I'm on vacation. And that is all by design. I do what I enjoy for work, hobbies, projects and play time to ensure that life is not just good but that it is outstanding and heaps of fun everyday!


All the best man!

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Today I trained back and chest.


I did 1025 push-ups and I did 16 sets of pull-ups.


Each set of pull-ups was 7-12 reps.


I did


4 sets of narrow neutral grip


4 sets of narrow supinated grip


4 sets of wide neutral grip


4 sets of wide pronated grip


I also did a bunch of lunges on the beach and ran for about 40 minutes.


I ate a lot of carbs today, something I'll stop doing in March.


Good effort today.


I also went body boarding for a bit and will likely do so tomorrow as well.

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I just bought a Cadillac, throw some.... on it !




I just bought a Cadillac throw some.... on it !




No way! It's a luxury Vehicle, chicks dig it man.


Yeah Buddy !

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Hahahaha, so funny.........yesterday I took a photo with my phone of the same vehicle, same color in the first phone! I meant to send it to You and Jack, but never did. It was in downtown Honolulu and parked near our car so I snapped a quick photo with the BlackBerry.


Yesterday I trained quads and glutes and today I'm training a variety of upper body muscles. There is a 24 Hour Fitness nearby only 10 minutes from where we're staying.


Having Vega right now.......waking myself up and getting a bit of work done. Today is the first rainy day so it's kind of an indoor day today....buddy.

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I trained at 24 Hour Fitness Honolulu today and it was cool.


My workout was shoulders and biceps and looked like this:




Lateral raises


15s x 20

15s x 20

15s x 25

15s x 25


Overhead dumbbell press


40s x 10

50s x 10

50s x 10

60s x 10

60's x 8

50s x 10


Dumbbell Shrugs


70s x 20

80s x 15

90s x 12

100s x 8

85s x 15

75s x 15


Barbell shrugs


225 x 10

225 x 10

225 x 10

225 x 10


Bent-over rows (because I felt like it....actually did 3 back exercises too...high volume day)


135 x 15

135 x 12

175 x 10

175 x 12

135 x 15


EZ bar bicep curls


65 x 15

70 x 12

75 x 10

80 x 8


Hammer curls


35s x 10

40s x 10

45s x 8


Dumbbell curls


30's x 10

30s x 10

35s x 8


Reverse Grip pull-downs


130 x 12

150 x 10

180 x 10

180 x 10


Lat pull-downs


130 x 10

150 x 10

150 x 10


High volume but I was really into it and could have worked out much longer but realized I had done enough. I'll train tomorrow, then fly home and train on Thursday too.


Had Vega bar and Vega Vanilla Chai after the workout and then a pasta and roasted vegetable dinner (one of my last pasta dinners I'll have for the next 3-4 months).


Good times.



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YB! See you tomorrow!


Trained with washer this morning. We wrote her up a nice routine, lifting weights 5 times a week after her class 15 sets a day! She's so hardcore.


bis tris and forearms this morning; deadlifts and goodmornings tonight. Averaging 5-8 lara bars a day in addition to my 3000 cal diet and other stuff on top to boot. Time to bring on the BULK!


Just bought a cadillac juuuuuuuuuhst bought a cadillac, just bought a just bought a just bought a ............ I just purchased a luxury vehicle.


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See all you Portland kids soon!


Played in the waves for hours today!


Need to start packing and do some push-ups and get ready to say goodbye to the kids


I'll see them again soon....in April, if not before. So it will be cool.


Goodbye Sun....hello Snow


Lean and Green............thanks for the video!


I took a photo of a big black Escalade on my phone.......but didn't send it yet....buddy!





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I got on a plane at 11:20PM or so and flew back to Portland from Honolulu last night. I slept on the plane but not real well and my neck was killing me from the angle I was positioned in. I actually had the entire row to myself during the red eye flight so I guess I could have scrunched up and tried to lie down but I just used pillows, my soft Vega jacket and a blanket to position myself.


Tasha picked me up from the airport after little sleep and 2 hours time zone switch (5:30AM Hawaii time) and we went over toe Lean and Green's house and then headed to the gym.


This was my strongest overall chest workout ever I set one PR and tied another one (Personal Record or Personal Best)


I did 110 push-ups (though up to 170 for the day so far) to warm up.




Incline Dumbbell Press


52.5s x 12

65s x 12

80s x 10

90s x 8

100s x 6

105s x 4 (Lean and Green helped on the final two reps of the 90's, the final 2 reps of the 100's and the final 2 reps of the 105's.


the 105's for incline dumbbell press is a new personal best.


Then over to Decline press where I only hit 185 last week because it was midway through my workout and I was exhausted. I started at 185 this time.


185 x 12

225 x 6

235 x 5

245 x 4 (245 is one of my best lifts...I pressed 270 on decline 3 years ago.


Then I went over to incline flys


60s x 10

70s x 8

80s x 6 (this ties my best I think for this exercise. Soon I'll be at 90s for flys and in the 110's for other chest presses)


Then I did 60 more pushups making my total so far 170 (I'll likely do more up to 200-300 for the day). I did a few sets of crunches afterwards.


I'll be honest, there were a lot of yeah buddys being yelled, even when I had 105's in each hand pressing over my head on incline


Good to be there with Lean and Green too, as we've rarely been able to workout together, even though we live near each other and are training for the same contest.


Tasha was rocking the free weights too.

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

I have a different journal that I am currently using for my bodybuilding competition preparation but I just noticed that sometime last week I must have eclipsed 15,000 posts without even realizing it. I just noticed yesterday with 15,090 posts.


Wow...that is a lot of posting! It doesn't even feel like I post "that" much. I type and think extremely fast, like providing updates, posting comments on journals and photos and welcoming new members and somehow that adds up to around 5,000 posts a year.


Anyway.....better go eat now!

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For Immediate Release April 15, 2009


Vegan Bodybuilders Poised to make History in April, 2009 Competition

And your opportunity to be part of it


Vegan iconoclast Robert Cheeke, selected as one of VegNews Magazine’s Most Influential Vegan Athletes, and one of Willamette Week’s most read stories of 2008 is producing his 2nd documentary promoting the Vegan Bodybuilding lifestyle.


The Vegan Brothers in Iron Documentary (www.veganbrothersiniron.com) was conceptualized by Robert Cheeke (Director/Producer Vegan Fitness Built Naturally (2005) – www.veganfitnessteam.com) in 2008 with the vision of following vegan bodybuilders Robert Cheeke and Giacomo Marchese as they prepare for twelve weeks to compete in a natural bodybuilding competition in Phoenix, AZ in late April 2009. The objective is to show all sides of the process that a vegan bodybuilder goes through to prepare to compete in a bodybuilding competition with a story line that entertains the audience throughout. The documentary has a twist when top vegan bodybuilder Jimi Sitko, a favorite to defeat both Robert and Giacomo, enters the competition and makes the trip to the desert from Alabama. For the first time in history, at least 3, and maybe more vegan bodybuilders will share the same bodybuilding stage at the same time, making a loud statement for vegans in athletics. This documentary is being produced by award-winning Producer Brian Van Peski.


Robert’s first documentary has been featured in multiple film festivals and sold to people in more than 30 countries, making it one of the most popular and best-selling vegan documentaries in history. Robert vows that Vegan Brothers in Iron will out-sell Vegan Fitness Built Naturally and be more popular and more influential.


The filming of Vegan Brothers in Iron will take place in various locations including Los Angeles/Hollywood, CA, Seattle, WA, Phoenix, AZ, and primarily in Robert’s home town of Portland, OR. To find out when and where the filming will take place please contact Robert Cheeke using the contact information provided. Filming has been going on since January 2009 and will conclude in May-June, 2009. The documentary is scheduled to be released in the winter of 2009.


To have the opportunity to cover this story live, as it is happening, please contact Robert Cheeke to set up interviews and to attend live video shoots of the filming of this documentary. The information for the actual competition can be found here: http://www.donrobinsonproductions.com/inbf.html


Thank you in advance for your interest in this project.




Robert Cheeke

[email protected]




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I want to publicly thank Robert and everyone else who hosted me and was hospitable in my stay in PHX last weekend.


Robert, Lean and Green, Jimi, Dani, Brian, and everyone else I saw and met. I really appreciate you letting me stay in the room and sharing the weekend with you guys!


Robert - your generosity and trustfulness surprises me constantly and warms my heart like no other. For anyone who doesn't know, Robert let me crash on the sofa bed as I bounced back and forth between seminars, nights on the town, and of course, their bobybuilding show, all the while GIVING ME A KEY to the room I paid nothing for, that housed thousands of dollars of camera equipment, computers, and personal belongings. The level of trust and generosity in this man is unlike anyone I have ever met in my entire life, and I'm lucky to have him as a friend. I wanted to publicly acknowledge that truth.


Yeah buddy!


And if you ever end up traveling anywhere I end up living, know that you have somewhere to stay and a friend there.


All the best,


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Thanks for the kind words Josh, I really appreciate it. Great to see you, wish I could have hung out more. It was such a busy weekend.


I had fun, and it really felt like Vegan Vacation with so many forum members, so many late nights and so much on my mind and on my shoulders


Thanks for hanging out...I'm happy to host you anytime...including here in PDX!


P.S. Just got home after being away for the past 4 days and placed 3rd in my first ever NPC show! I think I was at my all-time best and with NPC you get a scorecard to see the judging and I even got a 2nd place vote from 1 judge! There were 6 in the class and DCNINJA and I both placed in the top 5 and it was awesome. He's a really cool guy too.


Anyway, thanks again for the kind words Josh....hope to see you again soon!



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