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Robert's Training Journal - A Tale of Yeah's and Buddy's

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I made my return for a 1-hour back attack! I saw Ed and a couple of other vegans there tonight. It was nice to be back.


I've taken a month-long break with only about 4 workouts over the past month, when I used to average about 23 workouts per month. My plan right now is to work the Bodybuilding.com booth at the Olympia so I guess it's time to get in shape since I only have 6 weeks or so! Bring on the creatine, nitric oxide, and other supplements, food, and good ol weight training!


Before I took a break I was decline bench pressing over 300 lbs!


Nice to be back in action, making it happen.


I'm glad I took the break though. I hadn't missed a workout for 6 months, was on a diet for 6 months, competed 5 times during that period and it was just time for my body to have a break. I also focused on making money over the past few weeks during this month off. I have loan payments due in a matter of weeks (loans I took from strangers on facebook, forum members, friends, etc. during the filming of my latest documentary). So I'm busting my ass working 16 hours a day and just couldn't afford to pull myself away from the computer even for an hour...because it would have been one less hour plus commute that I could have been monetizing online.


I sold about $300 in Vegan Bodybuilding clothes in just the past 3 days for example! And will sell over $40,000 in Vega this month too! I'm KILLING it on Twitter and Facebook and some forum members have been picking up items too.


The funny thing is....I sell more Vegan Bodybuilding stuff to non-forum members than forum members!!! This could be because most forum members already have stuff, and I figure that is likely the case.


Anyway...back to work...kicking ass at making money because I owe a ton of it. Even when I get it paid off, I'll still bust my ass because money talks in every language and is the best thing we can do for animal rights too. The more money we have the more lives we can save by the positive work we can do with our money. So that is my new focus....making money to help animals...then I can donate to legitimate organizations that are already in place, support sanctuaries so they can do their job better, donate food and clothing to animal shelters, etc. All of my money goes back into the movement and that is the penultimate of caring about your mission.


Back to it!.....sold out of women's shorts already! aside from a few mediums and some extra smalls.....



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Not sure how training is going but I made $500 yesterday.


That is my new focus because I have to (debt, loans due in matter of days/weeks, desire to contribute more and in better ways, etc.) and I've been doing it well. I'm making hundreds of dollars a day working 16 hours a day.


I am training today though.....with Ed, who's Jimi's size or maybe bigger in some areas...one of the best vegan bodybuilders around..he lives in Portland, friends with me and Randall, etc..He'll post more on here soon and he just did a photo shoot and will get some pics up shortly as well.


So training is off and on, but I'm LOVING online social media and social media marketing and networking. I spend all day monetizing Twitter and Facebook and it's really working well and everyone wins. I use search engagement to find my audience, find what they're looking for and offer them something based on their interest and then making a sale which helps them save, helps me generate revenue which helps me move forward in life.


I haven't even wanted to take a hour break from the computer...morning til night I build relationships and already have lots of interviews set up and have sold a ton of stuff and helped a lot of people. You'll see many more names on the forum too, as a result.


Great combo!


Off to Canada on Thursday.


Thanks for checking in...I do need to get back in the gym....just have loans squeezing my neck and my reputation and integrity on the line....I HAVE to pay them back asap and if that means computer all day everyday and little sleep and no workouts...that is what I have to do "right now" to sort things out.. Once I learn more efficient ways to make money...no problem, I can work 12 hours a day and fit in workouts, etc. easily ...I'm also not as interested in training these days, but highly interested in social media and networking business.

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Trained chest today and cut my hair. Nice day! Trained with Ed, he's HUGE like Jimi and will be featured on our site soon. Vegan for like 16 years and Jacked!!!!


Also had dinner with the beautiful girlfriend


We are no longer Team Long Blond Ponytail....still a TEAM but no ponytail for me now


Before the cut.... (more on Facebook)








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I'm still around...haven't trained a whole lot lately but worked 16 hours non-stop today and made nearly $500 using online social media websites, so I'm stoked about that. My focus in generating income these days and I'm doing a pretty good job of it.


I have a lot of debt and that is well documented and well known so I owe it to those I owe money to and to myself to work as many waking hours as possible to earn money and pay off debt.


Looking forward to another solid day of making bling tomorrow.


Thanks to all of you who are buying things like clothing, Vega, etc. It all helps and we're rocking things these days!



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I'm still around....just been super busy....which is why I don't use punctuation anymore....just too busy......was away 8 of the past 10 days, out of the country, then out of town....still trained 4 times in past 3 days, gave 5 talks over 4 days and have just been insanely busy making $$$ to pay off my debt from filming my movie...and I'm doing fairly well and learning how to do better.


You'll still see me on FB and Twitter a lot because I use them for "business" as well as networking and doing what I can to get out of debt...haven't been sleeping a whole lot....gotta work on that.


Still around..just got into town tonight, supposed to leave tomorrow morning but too tired so I'll reschedule and go on Tues.....YB!

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I don't recall the last time with weights


I'm making my return to weights tomorrow.


I took a full 2 months off from training. I ran a few times and did about 3 workouts with weights and a handful of other workouts but in general, took 2 months off to work 16 hours a day on various projects including trying to get out of debt. I made some good progress and things are coming along well and in general I'm anxious to get back to the gym.


But during those months I wouldn't allow myself much time for anything other than working every waking moment and it worked well...sometimes I'd make $500 in a single day, in fact I did that on at least 3 days and had many other solid days. I have only a few clothing items period. Sold them all online and made some cash to pay off debt.


Now that I'm out of things to sell (for now), back to training


I'm still promoting VEGA and we're reaching near record sales in Oregon which is exciting and a result of the hard work spent doing online promotions, and it will only pick up as we have 2 new products launching right now...a new bar and Vega Sport.


Very cool stuff.


Anyway, we'll see how strong I am tomorrow. I look pretty thin but that always happens when I take breaks from training and run out of money for food. Both happened over the past couple of months but I'm back in action now.


Our Portland community seems to be growing again too which is nice.



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I returned to the gym today.....will update soon...just wanted to say I made a return and did some lat pull-downs, some chest presses, tricep push-downs, lateral raises, overhead presses, etc.


Nice! Still can't afford to eat properly but I'm cool.....sorting myself out day by day. All is well.....just hammering it 16 hours a day until I can be a little less stressed...then I'll go back to 12 hours a day.

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I said I'd write more so I'm back.......I just don't have much to add


Nice workout today and I'll be back in the morning so I'm heading to bed


Then I'm off to Corvallis to pick up more VEGAN shorts...the one really popular item we have now. Portland VegFest is less than 2 weeks away and I'm banking on it being pretty successful for us.


A bunch of us from the forum should be at the Vegan Bodybuilding booth...off the top of my head;


Me and my awesome girlfriend Julia

Ed who is HUGE ..doesn't post much but he's here


maybe Lean and Green and thendanisays


a handful of others


VEGA booth is next to us with:


xdarthveganx and others







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Went to bed at 2AM, alarm went off at 7:30AM and shortly after that I was back getting SWOL! Feels nice to be back!


Trained back today with a tiny bit of shoulders and some abs.


Super busy day (as always, no break from that ever) so gotta go...out of town most of the day....but SWOL this morning, drinking Sun Warrior now, had a PROBAR a few min ago and ready to rock!


60 min workout today.


Be sure to join our www.veganbodybuilding.com Fan Page on Facebook...it is totally awesome and active



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Guess who was in the gym for the 3rd day in a row -----------> = Yeah Buddy!


Arms today with a bit of bench press and 100 push-ups


But dumbbell and hammer curls, barbell curls and a bunch of press-downs and pull-downs for arms made up the bulk of the workout.



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I hammered chest today!


Let's see....like 10 sets of flat bench just because I like it and I'm getting back into it...so that was nice.


Then about 3 or 4 sets of incline dumbbell press


Then 3 sets of dips


Then some cables, then machine, then push-ups.


Then showered and Julia picked me up and we went to dinner and now it's time to eat again!


Oh..and I had Sun Warrior and fruit immediately after the workout..some pasta now.....nice not being on a diet so I can eat whatever I want Not even thinking about competing until sometime next year. Right now..just lifting, eating, working and traveling.

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I trained legs today. I think it was a little over an hour and my first leg workout in a while!


I started with lunges.



1 loop around gym

1.25 loops around gym

1.5 loops around gym


Leg press

180 x 20

180 x 25

180 x 30

270 x 20

270 x 20


Leg extensions

70 x 20

100 x 15

140 x 15

170 x 12

240 x 12

290 x 12

320 x 10


Calf presses

150 x 20

170 x 20

190 x 20


Seated hamstring curls

90 x 20

100 x 20

130 x 15

130 x 15


50 push-ups


Some stretching.


I went light on the leg press today...my knee used to bother me when I would do anywhere from 400-900lbs back during contest prep and even bothered me with 200lbs so it was a bit frustrating, even after 2 months off, so I must need some sort of massage work or something done to it because it's not doing what I'd like it to do.


It felt good to be back in action.


Especially back training legs!


Yeah Buddy!


I've been watching footage of Vegan Brothers in Iron videos and looking at photos and getting back into the swing of things

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Yeah, I'm pumped to be back training....I know I took time off and I'm totally OK with it because I did amazing things with work and have been surviving incredible debt....and it's fun being back..full on chest workout yesterday, full on leg workout today...didn't go real heavy, the knee doesn't hurt too bad but doesn't feel right...just want to be safe.


Back at it though!


All week long I'll be hammering it and hopefully it sustains my interest and continues Already using Sun Warrior again, buying cheap protein bars, etc. About to have some beans now.... and likely gas later.

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A little teaser of Ed, one of my training partners and fellow member of the "vegan since 1996 club" ...we only say that because there are 4 of us who are friends who all became vegan the same year in all different parts of the country and now are all friends and live near each other in Portland......he'll have a profile featured on our website later this week or very soon. I think he'll send it to me tomorrow and when Richard is avail we'll get it up. It will have an interview and pics.


He had some pics taken at my house recently and then did a photo shoot with xdarthveganx just like I did. He's one of the nicest guys I know period....he is Big Ed....and he's BACK!

(he's on the forum too, bu doesn't post much...I'll try to fix that...especially if I move in with him in a couple of months)



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