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Robert's Training Journal - A Tale of Yeah's and Buddy's

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I trained shoulders, a bit of chest and biceps today with Ed, the guy in the pic above, who is also a vegan bodybuilder and watched my last competition.


My super awesome girlfriend Julia was there too, pumping out sets of 10 pull-ups with full range of motion. She rocks big time in the gym...and just rocks in general....


Let's see....


I started with 100+ push-ups and did 200 for the day...then moved over to Smith Machine for some shoulder press/incline bench press to get warmed up while Ed did some other stuff.


I did some hammer strength rows for my back and that felt really good...about 3 or 4 sets.


Then did some weighted dips...5 sets using 50lbs...he went up to 120-lb dumbbell.....


Then we did 5 sets of barbell curls...I used 60, 75, 65, etc. Ed went up to 100 for solid reps, maybe 8-10.


Then all 3 of us sat in the sauna, pool, and steam room.


Good times.


Back at it tomorrow!



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I went to the gym this morning....I presented a challenge to our veganbodybuilding.com fan page group on facebook to do 5,000 sit-ups today as a community. I trained abs since my upper and lower body have been hammered lately and busted out 800. It was a combination of sit-ups, crunches, knee raises, hanging leg raises, etc.


I also did about 10 sets of triceps exercises and 3 sets of cable shoulder press.


Good times!


Training back tomorrow and looking forward to it!



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Your knee might be slightly out of alignment; that would explain how rest isn't helping. If you know of a good chiropractor, he/she might be able to pop it back in. Most don't do much outside of the spine, so finding one might be hard. I know of one in Illinois who can adjust most anything, but that doesn't really help you. A physical therapist might be able to help with that also, but they tend to be more expensive and not as good at getting joints in line, if that is even the issue.


Have you tried foam rolling? You can get some of the same effect as a massage. Might be worth a shot. If it helps at all, that will tell you that a massage will definitely be what you need.


Ed is huge, you weren't lying. Awesome that he has been vegan as long as you. Does that mean his muscle was built mostly on a vegan diet? I can't wait to see more.

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Thanks for suggestions!


I trained chest tonight with Big Ed and David....


Press 100's again so that was nice...it's coming back


Soooo tired, about 2AM now and I don't sleep much these days.


Incline barbell bench press x 5 sets


Flat dumbbell press x 5 sets


Decline barbell bench press x 5 sets





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Hey buddy. Got the shirts and lil' post cards reppin the book yest. Thanks! Since you dont have any other shirts outside of the white ones for the wifey Im giving the black one to her. It seems like its an older and thicker model.


Glad you workin out hardcore. Hope to see you onstage again next year. I plan on it!


Im about fully recovered fromt he surgery. Im going to workout tomorrow and see if I have any limitations. Chest looks good without the lump in there.


I still want a full sized poster signed by you so I can frame it up! I will pass the post cards around to get your book out there here in dis dere southern state.

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thanks guys....it was a super busy weekend! Portland VegFest rocked! Tons of great photos! We must have had a dozen people wearing VBB shirts so that was awesome!


Jimi - Thanks dude! I sent some posters but folded them...just wanted to get some things sent to you quickly......but this week I'll get some sent out that aren't bent in half so they'll be nice for hanging out.


I'm having fun training again....had to do what I had to do working on the book all day everyday.....I go all the way whatever I'm doing...filming, competing, writing, etc. Pressed 100's a couple of days ago, felt strong in the back workout too.


Need to sleep but should get a nice workout in on Monday too


If anyone wants posters or postcards that look like this...please let me know and I can ship them for you to distribute. Thanks!



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Hammered Chest today....it was awesome! Truly one of the best workouts I've had in a long time!


Too tired and way too busy to write more about it now....but will catch up soon.


Just letting you know I'm still back at it...just so busy in life! But still making it to the gym!

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I trained legs today.


It was just about an hour.


I did 4 sets of lunges.


4-6 sets of hack squats


4 sets of leg extensions


4 sets of seated hamstring curls


Good workout and then got back home and down to business.


I created another website www.veganshorts.com - It will be up and running soon so my friend Brian and I took some photos, did some inventory work and got all that stuff done.


Then I went to visit my friend in the hospital and now I'm back home uploading videos for the Robert Cheeke Show




I'm back in the gym again these days and working for Bodybuilding.com at the Olympia all weekend

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Yeah, it's going to rock big time!


Today I trained arms...lots of bicep curls with cables, hammer strength machine and dumbbells. Then a bunch of dips, machine dips, and rope extensions/push-downs. I also did some push-ups.


Came home and had 2 Sun Warrior drinks with L-Glutamine and a Clif Builder Bar, a Vega Vibrancy Bar, a couple of sandwiches and now have a whole lot of gas


Yeah Buddy.


Flying to Vegas in the morning. Super awesome girlfriend is picking me up tomorrow morning at 7AM to take me to the airport.

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I took Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off because I was busy like 15 hours a day working with Bodybuilding.com and hanging out at the Olympia.


I'm posting some AWESOME videos on www.youtube.com/robertcheekeshow Enjoy!


Today I trained shoulders for almost an hour.


I saw at least 3 vegan friends/forum members there tonight.


I did lateral and front raises, overhead press with dumbbells, barbell, machine and cables. I also did 100 push-ups as super-sets. I got quite a few sets in, hammered it and went home to eat 2 big burritos and upload videos.


I have 6 interviews to complete this week for people in 3 countries talking about Vegan Bodybuilding and my book, etc.




Busy as hell...as usual, but that is how I've been able to do everything I do from working for BB.com to writing books to winning contests. I go all the way and give it everything I got....that's just how I roll.

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I trained back earlier today but now it's after 2AM and I'm too tired to write about it....it was awesome though and I saw another forum member there pumping iron as well, 2nd straight day bumping into each other.


Long day tomorrow and so much to do...better sleep.

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I trained chest last night and just ran out of time to post about it. I'm in San Francisco now. It was a nice chest workout last night. I saw 3 other forum members there and that is always fun.


I'm getting picked up soon so I better get back to it.......I'm in Oaktown, the Bay Area and back down.


Have a great weekend everyone!

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I had an awesome weekend in San Francisco at the World Vegetarian Day Festival....at the Oakland Airport and flying home soon.......


Julia is picking up me up and we're going straight to the gym to get "swol" in her words! Sooooooooo awesome!


A quick pic of the two of us working together in Portland.


She's soooooooooooo cool!





Gotta eat more and then get on the plane and hopefully not be too gassy.....just had a vegan burrito at the airport....and want more....

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Trained arms with Julia tonight and it rocked! Then she made dinner and I gave her a few gifts from San Fran and we listened to piano music and hung out while having dinner...then I went home and ate more


Back attack with her tomorrow!

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I trained back with Julia tonight. We hammered it. I put in a really good effort tonight and so did she.


We warmed up with cable lat pull-downs and rows.


Then we went on to:


Neutral grip lat pull downs


T-bar rows


Seated narrow grip cable rows


Hammer strength Motion Strength Technology machine rows


Back extensions




All for 3 sets except a couple of exercises were only two sets.


Then smoothie she made and a Vega bar, then Steamroom, sauna and then burritos for dinner. Then kiss goodnight


Now home and will eat more.


Pounding food these days....quite gassy but want to get muscular again so I'm working away at it and have some digestive enzymes to help me out and I'm also going to focus on getting a bit more sleep.


Julia is super strong and super ripped! Great training partner!


Legs tomorrow

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Julia and I thrashed our legs tonight. I even failed on hack squats and she had to help push me back up.


Too tired to write about it...but great 90 min workout and saw forum members at the gym, then met up with a bunch of people from forum at Hungry Tiger Too and I age 5 feet in length of vegan corndogs...now I feel like hell and have to sleep.


I don't feel that bad...but certainly don't feel good!





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You sound really excited on what you're doing lately..Good job!!


I even failed on hack squats and she had to help push me back up

A great woman is always on the side of a hard working man...even if he's hard working in the gym...


Keep on like that..it's really refreshing the way you talk...


p.s. you seem to be really hungry after gym

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I love that you're back in the gym man. Makes me more motivated to get off my ass and go too.


Bummed that I missed the corn dog fest last night. haha. I'll make it out one of these days. I'll be in Portland area from 6:30 till 8:30ish, gonna be working out?

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Thanks guys! I'm having a wonderful time training with Julia. She's such an awesome training partner! She's intense, supportive, strong, determined, uplifting and encouraging and it's really nice.


We trained chest and shoulders tonight and actually randomly saw mikkei there! I see other forum members nearly every single day I'm at the gym but hadn't seen mikkei in quite some time at the gym so it was a nice surprise!


We started with push-ups and then moved to seated cable flys to get warmed up and then flat barbell bench press and then lateral rasies, front raises, overhead press, rear delt flys, cable overhead press and supersetted with chest press to bring the chest back into it.


Then went to my house to pick up some supplements and then to her house and she made smoothies and then we hung out and chatted for a while and I am home now and leave for Canada early in the morning.


A photo from earlier this year when I was taking a break from lifting....we're both making good progress since then and we're having a lot of fun supporting each other all along the way!




Have an outstanding weekend everyone!

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I'm back from Canada and just got in late tonight........ate a burrito and I'll eat a bit more before bed and had a whole lot of calories the entire drive home today


I met up with Julia and we went and sat in the sauna for a while because it's starting to feel like winter around here


Maybe I should re-think my plans to move to LA and consider it again


I actually am somewhat interested in moving to Las Vegas and training at Gold's Gym where Jay Cutler trains and being in the nice warm weather there....but will likely stay in Portland and push through another winter here...it's not too cold or too bad...I just really LOVE it down south, be it Mexico, the Caribbean, Arizona, California, Florida, etc. and I also plan to live in SE Asia someday too......we'll see how things go this year.


Anyway...back in the gym tomorrow...I should eat and sleep!

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