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Robert's Training Journal - A Tale of Yeah's and Buddy's

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Had a great triceps/biceps/abs workout with Julia tonight! About 90 minutes total. We also saw Aaron and xedvx there too.


It went like this...


3 sets of push-ups and sit-ups to warm up.




Bodyweight dips x 3 sets


Dumbbell kick-backs x 3 sets


Skull crushers x 3 sets




Preacher curls x 3 sets


Concentration curls x 3 sets


Cable curls x 3 sets




Hanging leg raises x 3 sets


Partner assisted ab exercises x 3 sets


We also did a number of super sets and negative contractions.


We went back to her house to eat some post-workout meals. We had a couple Vega/Sun Warrior smoothies, some flax crackers, ProBar, etc. Then I came home for more food....which I'm eating now.


Have a great day everyone!



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Yeah.....always forum members at our gym!


I had breakfast with Big Ed today and then headed down to Corvallis to see my mother. I had dinner with her at Nearly Normals, drove back to Portland and then hit a shoulder workout.


It was like this:


7 minutes on the arm bike


Dumbbell lateral raises x 3 sets


Dumbbell front raises x 3 sets


Dumbbell overhead press x 3 sets


Dumbbell rear delt press x 3 sets


Cable overhead press x 5 sets


Machine overhead press x 5 sets


Dumbbell shrugs x 3 sets


Straight bar overhead press x 4 sets


Yeah buddy....eating now....

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Trained Back with Big Ed today.....now downing Vega/SunWarrior/Glutamine and need to shower and pick Julia up for dinner.


Cable rows x 4 sets


T-bar rows x 8 sets


One-arm dumbbell rows x 5 sets


More cable rows, different angle x 3 sets (back felt sore/tweaked something)


Pull-ups x 3 sets




Will rest back up.......lower back just got tweaked a bit but feel fine.....shower time! Last swing of Vega drink.....YB!


Thanks for the Spot Big Ed! You're the man dude!

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I had an awesome chest/shoulder workout with mikkei tonight!


I had a great day doing VEGA stuff all day with one of my boss's from Canada. We cruised around Portland and it was fun.


Then I hit the gym.


Push-ups x 3 sets


Cable flys x 3 sets


Flat bench press x 4 sets


Incline dumbbell press x 4 sets


Machine press x 3 sets


Overhead press x 3 sets


Lateral raises x 3 sets


Front raises x 3 sets


Posterior delt raises x 3 sets


Also, some people randomly posted pics on my facebook page today.


This was from my high school graduation all night party...I'm in the foreground in the black shirt at 18 years of age:




And this was from last week when I ate way too many vegan corndogs....this is me just getting warmed up:



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Had an awesome back, bicep, shoulder workout with Julia today. Crystal from the forum is also in town and we're training tomorrow. We went out tonight and it was cool. Yvonne Smith from www.travelingvegetarian.tv is staying at my house this week, so we're all hanging out.


Good times....great workout and now nearly 2AM and I better sleep.


SUPER PUMPED to see Gary Vaynerchuk at Powell's Books Monday night in PDX! If you're around...be there!

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Thanks man!


I have SO MUCH FUN TRAINING WITH HER! Julia is awesome and such a fantastic training partner. She pushes herself really hard, pushes me hard, is encouraging, digs deep and trains with purpose and intensity and really makes each workout count. She also has post-workout smoothies ready after each workout and often we share dinner afterward too. It has really made training so much more fun than it already is.


Today she was working all day and Crystal from the forum is in town so Crystal and I hit chest HARD! I hadn't seen Crystal since 2006 though we've been in touch and it was great to hang out with her today and I'll see her again tonight.


She helped me get some good lifts...including 230 on flat bench, 100's in incline press, 245 on decline press. Not my highest numbers, but my highest since my return to training after 2 months off to finish my book.


So I was pleased. She was benching over 100lbs and moving some heavy weights and it was an old school hardcore workout. I think we'll hit up Loprinzi's on Wednesday.


She'll come out to see Gary Vaynerchuk tonight too, which will rock!


Anyway, solid workout! Good times!


Yeah Freakin buddy!


Julia and I hammered legs the other day and I look forward to training with her again right away!


Time to eat more and head to Powell's Books for @garyvee!


A few pics Crystal posted on Facebook:







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Getting back in shape....and having a TON OF FUN training....maybe even more fun than when filming Vegan Brothers in Iron.....I'm just enjoying myself these these immensely.


Gary Vaynerchuk has a lot to do with my enthusiasm....big smiles all around, as he's probably my #1 role model right now.








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I trained triceps and biceps today an then saw Alicia Silverstone and then went to a party at a friend's house which happened to have about 5 forum members at.....good times.


Something like this....


Push-ups x 2 sets


Rope pull-downs x 5 sets


Dips x 3-4 sets


Machine dips x 3 sets


Overhead dumbbell extensions x 3 sets


EZ bar biceps curls x 4 sets


Dumbbell hammer curls x 4 sets


Alternating cable curls x 4 sets


Cable curls x 3 sets


Some sets of sit-ups


Done in an hour.

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I trained back today.


I saw Aaron at the gym....I really enjoy seeing him there!


Now I think we have over a dozen forum members who use our gym


I felt really strong on pull-ups..I'm getting a lot stronger in general these days as I get back into it. I had some solid chest workouts lately and biceps are getting stronger and I'm enjoying things.


I did sets of 26, 15, 17.5 and 20 for pull-ups which was encouraging.


I also did a variety of rows, extensions, and used some cables as well.


I move next week....back to Corvallis. So it's my final week in Portland for a while.


I'll be training at Downing's Gym in Corvallis during November and December. Then the plan is to move back to Portland after that.


I get invited to speak somewhere nearly everyday so I think I'll spend nearly all of my winter on a book tour in places like Florida, Georgia, California, Arizona, etc.


Totally looking forward to being in the sun in winter!

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That is where the invite was for but nothing official yet.....still mapping things out and still wrapping up my Vega tour for the year...off to Boston next....but having fun and looking forward to traveling quite a bit more....I was going to move to LA this year as I kept saying...but think that I'll stick around but just be gone a lot


I also want to come out to Nashville to visit my friend out there http://www.thetravelingvegetarian.tv/


I may get on some cruise ships too


That is where I used to work and loved it!


I'll keep you updated.

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Legs were really good yesterday and my butt is sore today...nice!


Today I trained shoulders and abs.


I did a lot of presses from overhead straight bar presses, to overhead machine presses to overhead cable presses. I also did lateral raises, front raises, overhead dumbbell press, posterior delt raises and dumbbell shrugs.


It seems like a lot of exercises but it didn't take long and most were only 3 sets or so.


I also did hanging leg raises, machine sit-ups, lying leg raises, etc.


Good times.


Then I sat in the sauna for a bit, then the steamroom and then went and got some burritos.....


I've been busy packing up things at my house and I move on Monday


I'll be moving to Corvallis for a couple of months and then likely back in Portland in January though on tour nearly every week Jan-April, if not the whole year

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I took the day off today......I'd have to check my log but I think I trained 6 days in a row....not sure when the last rest day was...but it seems like I hit up 5 or 6 days in a row and it felt really good to hammer it this week.


Back at it Monday night after a day of rest today.


Found this photo on my facebook page today posted by someone in PDX.


It's Aaron from the forum (one of the long-time members for like 5 years) and Julia and me



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Thank you sir. I'm having fun.....working super hard but having fun too!


Today I trained back.


I wasn't feeling 100%, just a little tired and run down, been working hard and long hours but still managed 30 pull-ups in one set! 4 more than my best set recently! The other sets were 20, 16, and 20.


I did a ton of rows from t-bar rows to hammer strength machine rows, cables, etc.


Good overall 1 hour back workout and then along with 4 other people helped lift and move a hot tub.....not mine, but actually another forum member's hot tub...he doesn't post anymore but he's a cool guy.


Putting together a kick-ass tour for my book!


I'd love to come to your town....let me know if your city would like to host me. I'd love to come and give a talk, sign books, sell DVDs and clothing to those interested, answer questions, pass out literature, etc.




Let's make it happen....especially sunny places!

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I trained chest today and got up to 260 pounds on the decline bench and looking forward to pressing 300 again soon. I also did incline dumbbell press, dips and some machine exercises to finish it up.


I spent a whole hour on chest but only did 2 main exercises and finished off with a bunch of different machines. I saw a few forum members there which is always fun.


I get up in 5 hours to fly to Boston.


Totally looking forward to the trip!

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Trained back today...did sets of 24, 20 and 17 pull-ups and lots of t-bar rows, etc. Tossed in some shoulders too.


Life is sooooo busy these days!


Getting geared up for a massive book tour! I want to be on tour literally the entire year or 2010 and I'm working hard (especially on Facebook) to set it up and have people all over the country working on things.




We'll get more updates on the website right away...just busy nearly 24 hours a day in a different city every few days.


Gearing up for a big talk in Salt Lake City this weekend for 250 people and hanging out with Crystal so I'm pumped for that!


Better get back to work....tons to do!




Back at the gym tomorrow and Fri and SAt and Sun in UT, etc. all week long

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Hey mate. Glad you are benching and stuff but I would stay away from the decline bench. The risk for thrombosis is actually quite large. Decline bench doesn't really give you any benefits either. Dips seems to be a much better excersise for building lower chest. Stick to flat and incline

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