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Robert's Training Journal - A Tale of Yeah's and Buddy's

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Hey mate. Glad you are benching and stuff but I would stay away from the decline bench. The risk for thrombosis is actually quite large. Decline bench doesn't really give you any benefits either. Dips seems to be a much better excersise for building lower chest. Stick to flat and incline


Aww man you post all this good legit info, then talk about building the lower chest at the end.




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Sorry mate. But you can't deny the lower part of the chest, pars abdominalis. I'm not at all saying isolate it or even try to I'm actually saying the opposite. The fibers do have a different origin (the upper part of abdominus) and EMG-tests show that they are activated in various degrees depending on the excersise. I'm not saying do dips to train your lower chest really, just that dips is a great excersise for overall chest development and it takes care of the lower part. Flat bench does too but not as much.

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and EMG-tests show that they are activated in various degrees depending on the excersise.


I'd like to see said emg-tests. Not saying you're wrong really, just that I haven't seen proof. Now if you'd have said isolate lower chest, there may be a problem.

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Thanks guys....I'm working with as many dumbbells and barbells and free weights as I can these days.


Life is crazy so like usual, I can't dedicate 100% to training since I'm writing books and traveling every few days to a new city, but I am pushing it hard!


Off to the gym now....gotta stay Swol the best I can.


Earlier this year I didn't miss a workout for 6 months! Trained 5 or 6 days a week for 6 months and did 5 shows and had a ton of fun....working on doing the same amidst a lot of crazy hectic stuff now too

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I trained chest tonight in Salt Lake City and it was awesome! Bench press, incline dumbbell press, some machines, some cables, etc.


It's been a crazy week of being in Boston, Cambridge, Portland, Corvallis, and now Salt Lake City all in the past 7 days, but I've loved all of it!


Check out this radio interview when you get a chance. I say some pretty cool things when I come on at the end of the show:




About time to go to sleep and get up and head to the gym tomorrow before giving my talk to about 250 people in Salt Lake City. PUMPED!

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Trained back and shoulders and then gave a talk to 200+ people in Salt Lake City and saw a few forum members there too which rocked!


Good sets of pull-ups and overhead presses today...also tossed in some bicep curls and some triceps work too, but mostly rows for back, pull-downs, lateral and front raises and overhead press for shoulders....way past bed time....been racing around busy all day in UT each day I've been here.

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Hey buddy. Yeah it was good seeing ya in Boston. Too bad I couldnt stay longer and talked to ya like we did in Phoenix.


Sorry I didnt call ya back. Love how your voicemail was all about your book and tour. LoL


Classic Robert Cheeke Style.


Lets see some more workouts. I need some more motivation. Get our buddy Giacomo on the ball too. Man you two guys kept me going this year!!!!

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Hey man....yeah, I know...book and tour are on the top of my mind and I'm having so much fun with them! I'm in Utah now...doing that...book stuff and tour and talk I gave the other night.


Today I trained with Crystal and Vegan801Power and it was intense! Chest workout on only a few days rest from my last chest workout (the day I arrived in Utah) and we pounded it!


Flat Dumbbell Presses x 4 sets only went up to 85's because we were doing one arm at a time which I had never done before.


Incline Barbell bench press x 4 sets

135 x 12

155 x 8

165 x 7

175 x 6


Dumbbell Decline Press x 4 sets

70's x 13

90's x 7

90s x 6

100's x 3


Then one set of ab exercises and I did a couple of sets of push-ups and then we got dinner.


Both are excellent training partners!


Working out again on Tues is the plan!


@Octo...I'll try to keep it updated with more details...just been scrambling so much these days doing so many things...but still training and staying swol. Just typing a little less about each workout.

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Trained legs with Crystal and Vegan801Power tonight before hopping on a plane back to Oregon. Crystal is hardcore, intense and awesome! They both are...but she really impressed me with how much she was squatting! I didn't do squats of course but did lots of machine squats and heavy leg presses, curls, etc.


It's about 2AM now and I should get to bed. Off to Arizona next week. Racking up air miles like crazy and seeing a lot of the country. Staying very busy every moment of the day but wouldn't have it any other way.


Great times with my friends in Salt Lake City!

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Still waiting on emg tests johan.


Hey mate! I'm sorry I totally forgot this. I'm studying for a final so I don't have too much time to dig up studies but here's one comparing incline with decline just to show that different parts of the chest is affected depending on the angle:


Results showed significantly greater lower pectoral Con activation during decline bench press


Electromyographical activity of the pectoralis muscle during incline and decline bench presses




There's one study (that I couldn't find right now) that suggests flat bench is better that decline for activating lower chest and I don't really dispute it, I just wanted to say that you can affect what part of the chest you want to train. I can't find the emg dips tests either but I've seen two of them and both suggest that dips activates the whole chest (including the lower chest) more than bench pressing.

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I trained with a big strong dude in SLC....Vegan801Power.....


Yeah Buddy!




Back in Oregon now and training in Corvallis and then off to Arizona next week. I'll be in xveganjoshx's town...I hope he's still in AZ. I missed him in OR a few weeks ago.


I'm enjoying getting back into bodybuilding shape for my book tour and just in life. I'm not there yet, but getting in better shape each week. Drinking a smoothie right now......

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YB, working on eating these days!


I trained arms yesterday. I did things like:


Alternating bicep curls x 4 sets

Hammer curls x 4 sets

EZ curl bar curls x 4 sets


Rope extensions x 8 sets

Dips x 5 sets

Overhead extensions x 4 sets


A few cables for both triceps and biceps but kept it to all free wights for biceps and all free weights but the rope extensions for tris


Off to the gym after I finish working on the computer.


Have a great weekend everyone! I'll be working a lot and in the gym. ...and eating and staying warm

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I trained back yesterday and Chest today.


Not online much and on the go constantly in a new city every few days.


Still getting the workouts in and being pretty consistent, including training all 4 days in Salt Lake City, took a day off and hit all 3 days in Corvallis and will be there in the morning too!


For back I did a bunch of sets of pull-ups, t-bar rows, other rows, cable and machine rows, etc. Tons of lat pull-downs as well and enjoyed them.


For chest today I hammered it! I decided to spend the full day on hammer strength machines because I actually trained chest 2.5 times in the same week and it was HARD with free weights, including almost dropping 90's and 100's on my head on decline dumbbell press last week.....so I used just machines but it was intense!


Now just working my face off!

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Shoulders and abs today.


I did a lot of dumbbell and barbell exercises for shoulders and just one machine, which was a tough overhead hammerstrength machine.


In addition I did lateral, front, overhead and rear delt raises. I did shrugs and overhead barbell press and it was really nice.


for abs I did a lot of hanging leg raises, lying leg raises, rope cable crunches, sit-ups and crunches, etc.


Good times....now off to eat more and then sleep.



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For sure man!


I trained 9 of 10 days and then took the past 2 days off...busy as hell, traveling, in AZ, working long hours, etc. Not excuses, but just been focusing on making straight cash and doing what I need to do and the rest is good after I really hammered a lot free weight exercises for 9 of 10 days. Pretty pleased with that.


Now eating vegan pizza and it's awesome


Gotta rest..long day tomorrow and giving a talk about my book in Tucson, AZ at Lovin Spoonful's at 6:30PM (Thurs).



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I reluctantly flew back from 77-degree sunny and awesome Tucson, AZ today to puddle-filled Portland, OR. My sister and I went to the gym for the first time together in years...if ever! She picked me up from the airport and we hit up a workout and then went out to grab some super late dinner and saw some friends and it was cool.


I had trained 9 of 10 days, then took 4 days off in AZ and got right back to it tonight. Since I took some time off I hit up multiple muscle groups to get everything back working again. Pull-ups, rows, overhead press, bicep curls, chest press, etc. all performed today. Back again tomorrow and back in the swing of things.


Time to get some rest...I didn't sleep well the past couple of nights...thinking about too many things.

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