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Robert's Training Journal - A Tale of Yeah's and Buddy's

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Got my sister back in the gym again tonight


Hung out with about 6 forum members for dinner and then my sister and I headed off to the gym and got our Swol on. Well, she mostly used the stair-stepper and ran, but I got swol. I saw my buddy who competed with me in my last show too, so that was cool. He's up from 197 on contest day to 240 or so.


I trained arms tonight.


EZ curl bar bicep curls x 6 sets


Alternating seated bicep curls x 3 sets


Hammer curls x 4 sets


A few other random sets with machines, cables and free weights


Rope extensions x 6 sets


Dips x 3 sets


Machine dips x 3 sets


Overhead dumbbell extensions x 3 sets


Back at it tomorrow night...my sister wants to go again and is getting into fitness so I'm supporting it of course!


I leave for LA in a matter of weeks so I'm not working quite as many 15 hour days but slightly less so I can see a few friends before I head out of town.

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I trained chest today.


I saw some other forum members there training chest but just missed them!


So I did my own thing......


Bench Press x 4 sets


Incline Dumbbell press x 3 or 4 sets


Incline Hammer Strength Machine x 4 sets


Multiple cable exercises x 6-8 sets


One set of dips for fun, though I did a bunch yesterday for tris.


Dinner with Julia now

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Cool! I think it is so awesome that we have so many forum members at that gym!


I'm in Portland helping my sister with stuff (and hanging out with Julia again! Super exciting!) So I've been at 24 Hour all week.


I go back to Corvallis tomorrow and as you know, I've made a payment on a place in LA and take off in December. No idea how long I'll stay or where I'll go next.


I honestly want to be on tour the entire year of 2010! I want to live for a while in LA, Orlando, Austin, and other places...maybe even Portland.


Salt Lake, Boston, DC are other places I may hang out for a while.


Drove in the snow a bit today and hiked up in the woods with Julia and then sat in the hot springs and it was nice.


Dinner time now and crushing it with work of course.


Getting more Vega sales in at the end of the month, gearing up for book sales and Vegan Shorts sales, etc.


Looking forward to a successful year so I can contribute in greater ways. I'm doing grass roots stuff like giving large cash donations like 5 figures to grass roots animal sanctuaries who have staff members who dedicate their lives to that service and it moves me greatly.


Pumped about contributing more than ever before in 2010. Will be awesome!


OK, dinner time.

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I had a full day and then drove 90 minutes or so and met up with my sister and we went to the gym.


Trained with Julia last night and Tanya tonight. Pushed my shoulders really hard tonight. Straight bar overhead press, cable overhead press, machine overhead press, lateral raises, shrugs, and a few upper chest exercises.


Then sat in the steamroom and sauna and hot tub and gave meditation an effort. Learning to relax a bit.


Always lots to do....off to Dallas, TX next and then Canada and then moving to LA in a few weeks.


Yeah Buddy. Moving all day tomorrow with my sister and Lean and Green and a few others. I've already moved, but now she is moving and we're helping her out.

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Helped my sister move today lifting heavy stuff with Lean and Green and thendanisays....may hit up the gym later on with my sister......time to eat....again!




Good shoulder workout and good times lately. Busy but staying in shape and we'll see about competing next year.

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Check out my girlfriend's blog....she rocks!


http://lemonletter.blogspot.com/2009/02/rejuvelac-smoothie.html is an article I should read while I'm bulking up to handle upset stomachs!


Today I trained chest and we hammered it pretty well!


Aaron, xedvx, CountAgranoff, xdarthveganx, and I were all there....perhaps others too. vivalasvegans was likely around somewhere too.


Ed, David and I hit our chest pretty hard. I was pressing 100's for incline today after some partial reps on bench. Then we hit up some cables and then some negatives using a machine maxing it out.


A number of free weight exercises and some heavy machines and cables and it was a really good and intense workout that I'm pleased with. I ate afterward and now it's time for me to eat again.


I may also run over and see Lean and Green and thendanisays too. Saw bvp663 last night which was cool.


Forum members are all over this town..I'll miss Portland when I leave for LA in a few weeks but I know how much LA rocks for me and I'll love it there, as usual!

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Legs today.


10 min stair stepper


8 sets of Leg Press


5 sets of lying leg curls


5 sets of leg extensions


4 sets of calf raises


That was about it.


Then some food.


Rest coming up soon.



When will you ever post that you use the hack squat machine? I swear I used to look over your journal multiple times daily before Phoenix and not once did my legs look as HUGE as yours by just using the leg extention machine.


Keep at it buddy

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Legs are probably my best muscle group...not super big but have striations in them year-round, including now.


I do use the hack squat but haven't in a few weeks.


Right now my focus is heavy leg presses, lunges, and just recently started putting hamstring curls and leg extensions in the mix. I've been doing some squat variations lately but still haven't attempted full squats because of my back issues and the emergencies I had last year when I was left unable to walk and had to see a doctor 5 times before getting on stage.


Off to the gym soon for some arms and shoulders, maybe a bit of abs.


Sorry I haven't been posting weights much....using some good weights, especially for chest, but life is all over the place, gearing up to move and only in town 3 more weekends...one weekend in Texas, another in Canada, another one with my family for holidays, then I'm outta here. So much to do.........




Go Beavers!

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I had a good shoulder workout yesterday and an awesome chest workout today!


I've actually been thinking for a little while now that shoulders are my NEW favorite muscle group to train. It's interesting because they used to be probably my least favorite muscle group to train So it's pretty awesome that I enjoy them big time now!


Doing overhead presses is just so much fun. I love the "feel" of it so I spend a lot of time doing it. I did overhead barbell presses, dumbbell lateral and front raises, hammer strength overhead presses, heavy shrugs for lots of set and even more presses


Today I showed up and rocked chest. I've been doing a lot of free weight chest movements like the 100 lb in each hand incline presses 5 days ago or so, but today I was just training on my own and felt like doing a lot of upper chest work and felt like using a lot of hammer strength machines, so I did.


I did hammer strength bench press (while watching on TV Alabama whip Florida) and then incline Hammer Strength presses and peck-deck machines, cables both up top and on bottom, and then some dips at the end. I did some push-ups to get going too.


It was about an hour and 5 minutes and the shoulder workout was about an hour long.


I've been there a lot lately, haven't missed many workouts at all but I think I'll take Sunday off. My muscles are all pretty sore. I guess my back or legs could be ready soon but I want that day of rest before hitting it hard Monday and Tuesday.


Then I fly to Dallas, TX on wed morning and spend all day traveling (cheaper to have a stop than direct flight) and then I'll find a place to train in the big D while I'm there.


I've had at least 4 Vega Vibrancy bars today


Back to work....

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Im getting inspired after reading your journal and keeping up with everyone else's journals too.


Quick question: What were the Vega chocolate bars I had in Boston called? They werent like the vibrance bars but more of a chocolate bar... and had a golden wrapper underneath the brown/black one.


I know those would sell here so just lemme know. k dawg?

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Thanks man!


I'm getting re-inspired too...not just for a book tour, but in general...back at my old gym where it all started for me at age 14 picking up weights weighing 89 pounds


MacaSure Chocolate bar:




Yeah Buddy!


Took today off....gotta get on the road now but feeling pretty good these days, enjoying heavy lifting.


See ya!


Stay Pumped!

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Today's focus was Power Cleans and some pyramid bicep curls.


Good times, and good to do more power movements, explosive moments and attack the whole body. It was a good day after taking Sunday off. I've still been very consistent and I feel like I'm in pretty good shape. I just need to get more food in to support my gains in the gym.


Tomorrow I am training with Big Ed for the forum (the super shredded guy who won the back contest). He and I will do some HIT training with back and arms.


Looking forward to it!


More food now, then work, then bed.



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I trained back and triceps with a couple of other forum members. I saw a bunch of forum members the past two days.


That will be one thing I'll miss about Portland...then again, I think there were 2 Portland forum members when I moved here and now we have 50 so I think I'll find new people in LA and bring them to the forum and spend time training with them and it will be cool.


Lots of heavy rows today. I even had 8 plates on a machine for back rows, 4 plates on each side. So we got some good rowing and pulling movements and then some extensions and presses.


I fly to Texas in the morning....I better go.



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Robert said [i trained back and triceps with a couple of other forum members. I saw a bunch of forum members the past two days. That will be one thing I'll miss about Portland]


And there aren't any vegan athletes in LA? ( and if I could find one I would have entered a sarcastic smiley here)

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  • 3 weeks later...


Yeah, it will be awesome!


I've been away for a couple of weeks finishing up my book...I always think it is ready to go and then there are more revisions to be made. I'm working with great editors who are helping me make it better and better.


It will be out soon.


I trained legs today, chest/shoulders yesterday and trained with Tasha up in Canada last week. She's super buff now! It's pretty awesome and I was very, very impressed!


She was squatting 135 for sets of 20 reps easily so I'll get her to bump that up soon.


I haven't been training as consistently as I'd like....been working on editing as many as 10 hours in a day which is a lot of time staring at a screen of text but we're getting close!


I should be training all week long and I look forward to it.


In general, all is well...some things are a bit hectic such as my job change, my relationship change, my move to LA, upcoming travels and final revisions I'm still doing.


Back to work.......



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It was so awesome to see you again. I MISSED you so much! Great times with Wash and Dry hey?

Thanks for the nice compliments. I worked really hard and still pounding at it!

I also lost all the pics and videos I tried to save on my computer, I manage to save a couple. I'll post them soon.

Love Wash BFF

FYI You always look great in off season and on season. Always Dry! You can always keep your base and still look terrific. And a monster just before competing.

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Thanks Wash....it was great to see you too!


I still have photos on my computer. I've been so busy editing and things like that and I haven't posted any of them and may not get to for a little while.


I've trained everyday for 7 days in a row now. I've been sleeping in because I've been up late so I've been getting plenty of sleep and eating pretty well so I've been fine with a workout everyday. In fact it helps break up my day from being in front of the computer the entire day.


I'm back at the gym tomorrow too but I will get a full rest day in soon. So much going on right now and very busy in general.


Back to work.....

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I've been at the gym 9 days in a row! xveganjoshx was in town so we trained and hung out.


In general, I've been very busy working on book revisions but since it's almost done and almost out I also need to be in good shape for the book tour, and the gym sessions help break up my day too, which is super helpful.


Today I pressed 100's for chest and got up to 4 plates a side on a hammer strength machine to burn out at the end so that was cool.


I exhaust myself training and editing so I've been sleeping in a lot lately too.


Meeting another forum member from out of town tomorrow so that will be cool.


Off to bed.



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