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Robert's Training Journal - A Tale of Yeah's and Buddy's

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Trained legs today.


I think I've been there 10 of 11 days or for sure 9 of 10.


Busy in general book stuff, Vega stuff, my move to LA, deadlines, etc....but trying to stay in shape and take a break from work every once in a while during the day.


Back to work....

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I've trained 11 of 14 days and have been extremely busy outside of the gym.


In the gym I'm focusing on power cleans and clean and press and barbell and dumbbell presses and rows.


Good times.


I need to focus on eating more. Just high stress and very busy. Better break for food now....

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Trained legs today.


Hit arms and abs last night, shoulders and chest the day before, Back the day before and Legs the day before that.


I wasn't sure what to train today because I had hit all muscle groups lately, and I thought my legs were still sore, but the soreness wore off by evening and I hit them again tonight.


I was super hungry so I didn't stay for the sauna and steamroom as planned. I just needed food. My caloric intake has been far lower than usual lately.


Back to eating and working

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haha, you got it!


I'm having fun doing powercleans and presses twice a week minimum!


I'm still training everyday, sorry for the late updates. I'm actually focusing more on power, less on volume.


For example, yesterday I only did Power Cleans and Incline Barbell Bench press. And it took over an hour


I did about 8 sets of Power Cleans and 6 sets of incline Bench press, including pressing heavier than I ever have for that exercise.......ever in my life. So that was great!


I did a leg workout with only 2 exercises the other day + calf raises, and another workout with Power Cleans and Dumbbell Shoulder Press.


I'm keeping them around an hour, which is usual, but more like 14 sets than 25-30 like I have always done.


Pretty excited about it.


Eating hasn't been easy for me. Lots of stress with my book delayed, relationship ending, my current move to LA, bills, job changing this month, etc. Not excuses, but just have had a lot on my mind and haven't been eating as well as I should...but training hasn't taken a back seat. It keeps my mind off things and prepares me for the year ahead. Eating will get better asap, I'll see to it!


Gotta go to the gym now.


Hmmmm, which 2 power exercises should I do today?

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I trained back last night and legs this morning.


Still just doing 2 or maybe 3 exercises per workout. Keeping intensity high and volume low.


I don't have internet at home so I have to post quickly and sometimes I stay a the cafe too long and go too long without food. I feel bad bringing in my own food and not buying food from the cafe and it doesn't fit in my interest or budget to buy food from the cafe.


So, time to head out to the car for some food. Then back home to work offline.


If I can get things to work out, I think I'll compete with some of the others on April 17th, a show I've placed 1st twice and 2nd once.


Hungry RC.

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I took Saturday off and did about 8 sets of power cleans and presses today and that was it.


I did a few warm-up lateral raises but opted not to do another power exercise after power cleans and presses. I was just a little tired and a bit worn out. Pretty high stress these days too.

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I trained biceps with a little bit of triceps today. It was mostly a day of bicep curls with dumbbells, and EZ curl bar. Alternating curls, hammer curls and then the two arm curls with the bar.


Then 5 sets of dips before leaving. Short workout, now back to work on other projects.

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Awesome Wash!


Yeah, I was telling Dani and others that you could easily be squatting 175 or 185 and that you hammered out 135 for like 20 reps easily.


Very nice work!


I'm super impressed! Seriously, I've been telling friends about you and the progress you've made weight lifting. It's very inspiring!


Yeah, I'm missing my Wash making food for me. I don't eat very much these days. Even though I was very calm during my trip to Canada recently, I still have high stress and live life to meet deadlines (at the moment).


So that keeps me from eating as much as I'd like. That, and longer working hours, emotional stress from break-up, etc. All those little things...and some poor decisions I made financially with rent and stuff like that made me had to cut back on some food spending.


But still training, power movements, and eating drank more protein drinks lately (and was gassy when Tanya and a bunch of friends came home) haha! I'm staying with the Tanya these days in Portland and with the Edna and Bear in Corvallis. I just jump from place to place every few days, still trying to make it to LA.


Sometimes I just need to......

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I was put to sleep, had all 4 wisdom teeth removed, paid $1800 cash with no insurance and that started my morning yesterday.


I'm doing great!


A little pain of course, but not much and I've been working and have hardly been slowed down.


Should be back in the gym now......but at the moment focusing on Vega sales and finishing #2 in the country in my final month as a Vega rep for Oregon. Next I should be moving on to LA and I have a NEW job with Vega on a national level and doing online social media stuff, book tours, etc.


Good times ahead.


Thanks for everyone supporting Vega at:










I get and will continue to get commission from all sales from those stores. I won't work for a region anymore but with online accounts such as these 4 and I'll acquire a few more webstores too





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Mouth is still sore and having to ice face but trained a bit today. Working now and will attempt to "relax" tonight


I don't do that often but will give it a shot tonight.


I was up til like 2AM or later working on some photo placement stuff for my book....almost done and looking to relax a bit and get rid of some head/face soreness.



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When I was in the Navy the Dr. was going to take mine out 2 at a time.

I told him all 4 at once.

I could have passed for one of the Chipmunks.

Wishing you Well and Swell free.

L.A. nice!

Congrats on the promotion!

Waiting to see some photos.http://i48.tinypic.com/20zd9tx.jpg

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Face swelling has gone down and not too much soreness is left in my mouth


I trained shoulders with Big Ed today. So that was good.


Now I'm getting ready to fly out to Florida in the morning. Time to run a few errands and get to sleep!



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I did not train while I was in Miami but I got a lot of work done and made some money which I really needed to do. I am feeling pretty skinny because I had wisdom teeth out, calories reduced, took a couple of days off during that period and then the entire last 5 days off while working non-stop for Vega on the Expo floor and certainly not eating as often or as much as I would have liked.....but a great weekend for my career, got a lot of work done, made one huge connection (nutritionist to many celebrities, etc., we hit it off right away, he's super cool and I'll see him in LA soon..he's also SWOL) and a bunch of other connections too.


On top of all that catabolic stuff, I didn't sleep much either. Flying home tomorrow....resting now.


Back to the gym asap, back to burritos asap.



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Robert, perhaps Georges Laraque will want to be featured on vbb profiles, he's been vegan for almost a year now and he seems to be always willing to help the cause for animals. I guess the best way to contact him is by facebook. would be amazing to have a pro NHL player featured on vbb.

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Cool, thanks for the heads up.


We also just got a professional fitness competitor who has been on the Cover of Ironman Magazine and who will be again soon as well as other covers this year who is vegan and will be featured on the site soon.


We're working on finding more.


@Rob, yeah I know what you mean. I'm passionate about a few things, probably more than most, and something has to give so some current passions get more attention than past passions and that has how it has been with me for many years.


Last year I didn't miss a workout for 6 months and had a great bodybuilding year competing and in media, etc.


Now I have a 12-month book tour that kicks off right away and it will be pretty insane!


Planning, preparing, scheduling and organizing it takes up all of my time.


The book isn't even out yet, but soon it will be.


Thanks for checking in. I'm trying hard to balance all the things that matter most to me.


Still missing former girlfriend too, but getting over that the best I can...I'm just hypersensitive and care immensely about things so it's a bit harder for me......but moving forward as strong as I can.

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Had an interesting workout with Ed last night.....we timed sets and raced to 100 reps in things like bench press. Doing as many reps as we could for each set, resting, doing more, resting, more, etc. until we'd get to 100. Then we did some pyramid stuff with legs and also some biceps exercises.


We finished around midnight after starting around 10PM or shortly after.


Anyway, off to the gym again soon.....I'm still too skinny.

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