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Robert's Training Journal - A Tale of Yeah's and Buddy's

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I trained back today and finished with a few sets of shoulder press.


Today's workout was basically something like:


6 sets or so of cable rows to warm up.


T-bar rows x 6 sets - 3 wide and 3 narrow grip


Machine rows 5 sets


Pull-ups x 6 sets. 3 wide grip and 3 narrow grip


Then I did some machine shoulder press to finish up. I did a few sets of crunches too but just quick warm-up stuff.


I've trained 6 of the last 7 days so finally got consistent again.


Still have lots of stresses in my life relating to lots of things from getting my book turned in over the next 2 weeks, other projects, moving to LA next week, dealing with post-relationship break-up sadness, all that fun stuff.


But all is well....just gotta keep on working. Lots to do.



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Thanks man. I just cried for a full hour. That wasn't very fun, but still meaningful. Said my goodbyes to my ex-girlfriend who I was very close to and still friends with. I move to LA on Saturday. And this time, I'm actually going, have a place lined up, flight purchased, etc.


Man, I hate goodbyes in general and I'm the most sensitive person I know, which makes it extra hard. I've been in OR the past 5 years and just kinda got used to being around my parents again, living with my sister and being around my closest friends and family. I'm a really big baby overall and this week has been especially tough. I'm only taking off for a year, it's not that big of a deal, but I'm just an emotional guy so it's a rough week.


Oh well, back to work......work isn't going to do itself!

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Today I went to the gym but just for the sauna to relax a bit. I ended up seeing a bunch of people and said goodbye to some lifting buddies.


I have to ship some stuff, pack some things, finish up a few more things and then head out.


4 more days in OR for now.......




I also completed a 35 page article today for a Vegetarian Health Institute so I was busy all day doing final touches....same goes for book, final touches. Finally.

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Thanks. It was just really tough to say goodbye to Julia even though we broke up 2 months ago...still lots of feelings there and still friends, still in touch....but in general, doing well.


I can tell it's time for me to leave. I used to be the most well known Vegan in Portland, or at least one of them but after hiding out for 2 years writing 3 books, I leave in a couple of days and twice this week I sat alone in restaurants and invited people to come out to a comedy show in Portland before I leave and again I sat alone.


There are a few people like Lean and Green, thendanisays, davidtarrfoster and xEdx who are taking me out places or hanging out over the next couple of days, but in general I've been hiding and many people thought I left months ago.


It's time for me to go and explore a new place. My relationship ended, my job changed, my book is just about out, and I've been wanting to be in LA for years....finally making it happen!


I also saw C.O. tonight at the comedy show....that is why I went. I've known him since we were 1 year old


I trained chest today at the gym and again, up past 2AM working on stuff.


Better rest now...breakfast with LnG and tds tomorrow morning. Yeep buddy.

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Thanks everyone...I feel fine now....but was so sad saying bye to Julia....it was the longest relationship I've ever had in my life. (6 months). Not long, but long for me.


We met again today before I went the airport, which is where I am now...and no tears at all this time. Good job RC.....rather, we just laughed, smiled, talked, had a fun time. A few days ago I just cried for an hour straight when I saw her.


@hsorlando...hey Hayley, I wasn't going to say anything at first because it's just a short visit and don't know what I'll have time for but I actually arrive in Orlando tomorrow! Sunday.


I will just be there for a few days before going to LA. It's not exactly on the way, but I'm meeting up with my boss for 4 days before I start up my year long tour. He's on vacation in Orlando.


I'll get in touch and I'm sure I can meet up quickly....I also wanted to get you a bunch of my book postcards sometime too


So....if you're around......maybe see you in a couple of days !


I'm busy all day Sunday and not sure what I am up to on Mon but I'll have a good idea once I arrive.



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I'm in FL and loving it! I went to the restaurant that in my book I rank as #1 in North America! Ethos Vegan Kitchen! I love that place!


I also went to The Loving Hut, so two all vegan places today.


Also had a date tonight and it went well.


I'm with my favorite family too........great family friends.


@Hayley I tried calling you today....you must have a new number. I'm only in Orlando for a few days before I go to LA, I leave on the morning of the 18th at like 6AM or something silly like that.


So get in touch via email or if you still have my #. I'll be pretty busy but would love to meet up if it works. If not, I'll be back again soon for my actual book tour.


I'm hyping it up while I meet with my boss out here to hang out/go over stuff.


Then move to LA on Thurs to call that home for a while.


Got lots of sun today...hence LOVING it out here!



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Happy birthday Robert.If it wasn't for you i would have never made the transition from vegetarian to vegan.Seeing you in veganfitness-built naturally was the inspiration i needed to evolve to the vegan life.I like how you are never full of hate like i am sometimes.Respect.

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Arnold Classic! I would have loved to have gone to that. Maybe next year. Is it the same dates every year? And it's always in Ohio right? When I picked my vacation days for the year, I didn't consider this. I bet it was a blast! So much stuff to see there!

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The Arnold was awesome!


I trained 5 of the past 6 days!


Back in action!


I always go up and down with my training because it is only one aspect of life I'm focusing on and writing and building businesses are higher priorities at the moment to sustain me, but I am happy to be back in the gym.


Taking progress pics all along the way too, as I get back into it!



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Trained back today. Will hit a workout tomorrow and then fly out at 6am on Friday.


Been a busy life but a busier life begins.


I don't even have my travel details organized...I just know I'll be somewhere in New Hampshire, Maine, then over to Rhode Island with some stops in Massachusetts along the way. Oh, and first going to Oregon to attend my brother's wedding.


Yeah Buddy!

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